Alter The Unmodifiable: Convert, Split, And Merge PDF Files Using GogoPDF 


People have called for changes around the globe. These changes can also be seen in the lens of file format alteration. Since the beginning of digital havoc, people have looked for more reliable tools for modifying their file formats. One of the most loved file formats is PDF. Since PDF cannot be modified, one must look for a tool that would do such a task.

One of the most reliable and always on-the-go web-based tools is the GogoPDF. You can convert, split, and merge your files easily using this tool. It has been designed to cater to your file format needs at ease. Here are some of the lists that GogoPDF offers you to utilize: 

Convert Your File Format Into A PDF File

There are endless documents that one can convert to PDF. The purpose of converting your files to PDF is that it allows you to make your file uneditable. If you have files in Word format, you may try to convert Word to PDF easily using the GogoPDF file conversion tool. You can easily catch the steps since they are comfortable and manageable. 

The first thing you need to make is to select the Word document you wish to convert into a PDF file. Once you have chosen your file, you can put it in their file format conversion tool, and it will be processed immediately. Sometimes, it might take a minute for your files to be ready, depending on your internet connection.

Once your file is ready, you can finally download it and share it online with your colleagues! If you have a PDF file, you are assured that no one can modify all your formats. They are only allowed to read it. You can also try to convert other file formats to PDF and vice-versa using the same procedure.

Split PDF File

Sometimes, you will come across sudden orders from your teacher to remove individual pages from your submitted requirement in PDF format. It wouldn’t be ideal if you manually type the needed documents since it would take a lot of effort. But, there is a solution for that. You can split a page from your PDF file using GogoPDF. 

The steps that this tool provides are straightforward. First, you must select the PDF file and put it in their system. You will see options available on how you want your PDF files split and what pages to split from the original file. After that, GogoPDF will analyze your file, and all you have to do is wait for a minute.

Once your file is finished, you can download it and share it online! With this tool, you do not need to proceed with complicated and unclear steps. You can have your files in just a few seconds or a minute, depending on your internet connection. 

Merge PDF File

Some of you would let your files scattered all over different folders on your computers. But what if those files are relevant to each other? It’s not fair to separate those files since you might use them in the future. An ideal way of solving that problem is by merging those PDF files. Luckily, GogoPDF provides you the best merging tool available online!

Merging your PDF files might sound complicated, but GogoPDF assures you the easiest way of combining your PDF files. First, you must select the files you wish to merge to another PDF file and drop it into their merging tool. You can select available options on how you want your files to be incorporated. 

The entire procedure might take a minute, depending on your internet connection. Once your file is ready, you can now download it online and can be shared with your colleagues. Having merged files makes it easier for you to locate and view your files! 

Security Guaranteed! 

If you have personal files that do not want to be leaked to the general public, it would be expected that you get worried once you put them online. But, do not be anxious that your files might be hacked and used by online scammers.

GogoPDF uses sophisticated means in securing your file formats. Once you are done altering your file formats, the system deletes your files an hour after using their tools! The other guidelines for securing your file formats are stipulated in their Privacy and Security policies. Once you have


GogoPDF has made everything quickly done for you. If you are looking for more available features, you can check their website. And if you are still hesitant, you can try to avail of their free trial promo for a limited time only!

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