All You Need to Know About the New Trendy Outdoor Kitchens


Workspaces are sacred, be it the office or home. And, people strive to get a place that represents their style of working. Meanwhile, some may forget that any place where they spend their maximum time working can be called their workplace. By saying this, let’s discuss the most common workstation of around 80% women and many men: “The Kitchen”.

Isn’t it important to make changes in regular routines, so it doesn’t get boring? Similarly, to make cooking more of a leisure activity, designers have come up with the concept of outdoor kitchens! And the most important element of this is outdoor kitchen benchtops, as any person who walks into the room would first lay their eyes on the tabletops. So, they have to be classy and stylish to give away a great impression of your lifestyle.

Outdoor Kitchens or the Regular Modular Ones?

If it was the 2010s, a modular kitchen would be considered a big deal and an ideal investment. But this is the era of luxury and displaying life choices. So to outstand many others, one has to go for the best!

The concept of outdoor kitchens is just emerging, and people like to spend time on their patio. Meanwhile, imagine having a live counter where you can have fresh snacks and drinks while spending quality time. Sounds great, right?

So to make patios more of utility space, interior designers suggest adding a small cooking unit near them. And this is meant to act as a pantry, that is, only light cooking and serving. This unit adds extra colour and design to your regular ambience and gives the regular space a more modern and unique touch.

Some people also like to go for a fully furnished open, outdoor kitchen. This means saving space inside by cooking outside. And although this may come with challenges like weather unpredictability, a little pre-planning can prepare you for everything.

Indoor kitchens have seen many revolutions, from woodwork on countertops to glasswork on shelves, yet the basic concept of cooking inside the house is the same. Besides, even if people install the best chimneys, the smell of hot food being cooked always covers the room. So to experiment with such basics, a trend of outdoor cooking emerged. And more than cooking, it is about the display of grandeur, luxury and money.

People believe in installing the best outdoor kitchen benchtops which can survive the adversities of weather and still look great. And such countertops are just seen as a small investment. It makes each person in the room believe in the owner’s smart and elite choices.

From Where Comes the Concept of Outdoor Home Kitchens?

Honestly, all innovations are a byproduct of one’s surroundings. If observed, you will agree how the concept of outdoor kitchens is very similar to the craze of live cooking counters!

In big restaurants and parties, you can always notice that at a rooftop or near the poolside, there are small cooktops with one chef on each station. And people decided to adopt a similar concept when it came to their houses.

How Big Is the Investment?

If looking at finances, one should not worry a lot. And in fact, indoor kitchens are more expensive due to the fixtures attached to them. Meanwhile, although outdoor setting requires quality, a one-time investment in good, rust-free and durable countertops can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

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