All you need to know about Exporting Pets from Singapore


When you are preparing to transfer particular family members to different parts of the globe, their age and travel stress, the medical condition impacts the cycle. Even purchasing a suitable animal container for keeping the pet and making necessary arrangements with the airline authorities is implicated. 

Moreover, the air transport Association digital website will offer you guidelines on the process of choosing suitable animal containers for your purpose. If your cat or dog is inside the cabin, you have to bring animal containers for facilitating the transport. Apart from this, you may take the help of professional animal shippers in Singapore who look into every step of traveling without you having to worry.

Make a note of the following steps before traveling your pets to Singapore

Significantly, you identify the exporting nation to look into their pet entry requirements. You also have to ensure the breed of cat or dog is allowed in that region and the intended residence. Sending your pet for rabies vaccination along with a serology test is crucial. Apart from this, there is the paperwork that is involved. In addition to this, take a quick look at the following points in reasonable detail for understanding pet relocation.

  • Identification of exporting region or country: when it comes to a rabies risk, category, designation of the export country is crucial. Cats and dogs coming from different areas are susceptible to varied veterinary conditions. These categorizations are subject to alterations. Hence, you must check the state authorities’ website, for a closer look, into the information related to rabies risk status. In Singapore, you may hire professionals for pets export
  • Ensure that the breed of cat or dog is allowed in the region: different countries have different pet export protocols. Some nations do not allow some species to enter their territorial boundaries. Whether it is a Bengal cat or a Savannah cat, some countries do not allow them. As such, approving the small breed dog and the scheduled dog is crucial before entering the premises of your destination in Singapore.
  • Make provisions for rabies vaccination: a significant aspect to look into before starting your travel in Singapore is sending your pets for valid rabies vaccination supported by the destined nation’s vaccination records. Here, a blood sample is taken and tested for rabies antibody level. You must ensure that each animal visits for vaccination or testing and are done well in time to avoid any further delay.

Apart from this, sending the pet for general vaccination, and reserving quarantine space, are other crucial aspects that require consideration. Also, obtaining a dog license in Singapore before applying for an import license is vital. Booking and inspection for your pet and presenting the pet import license during the check-in procedure are essential aspects. 

On the whole, traveling with pets is a tedious task. It requires handling every aspect in considerable detail. The emotional support which the animals need while going into this transportation process is vital. Hence, various international authorities provide guidelines to pet owners, which help them in the long run. The veterinary condition for importing the animal needs evaluation. 

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