All You Need To Know About Cognac Diamonds When Buying Them


When you are shopping for gemstone jewellery and looking for something special, you may want to consider champagne diamonds, which are highly sought after. Champagne diamonds are another name for fancy coloured diamonds, and there are the same as the clear transparent gemstones. You can also get what is known as a cognac diamond, which is a fancy coloured one with hues of brown and yellow and make excellent gemstones for jewellery. Below is everything you need to know about cognac diamonds to help you shop for them when you want to create some bespoke jewellery.

What Is A Cognac Diamond?

As mentioned, diamonds come in various colours, and the colours you see in cognac diamonds are caused by defects in the gems structure when they were forming in the earth’s crust. The defects allow light to be absorbed in the crystal lattice of the gem, which is the way the carbon atoms are arranged.

Where Do They Come From?

You may also wonder where these coloured diamonds come from, and they have been mined exclusively in Australia, meaning there is a limited supply. The Argyle mine in Western Australia, owned by the Rio Tinto Diamond Company, started producing these diamonds in the 1980s. They came up with a name for them, champagne, and cognac diamonds, and then started marketing them to the public. The mine has since closed in 2020, which means they are no longer producing these distinctive coloured diamonds. As such, if you are looking to buy loose Argyle champagne diamonds in Australia or anywhere else in the world to make into jewellery, you will want to get them quickly while stocks are still available, and the price is still affordable.

Are Cognac Diamonds Rare?

The rarest diamonds worldwide are the clear colourless diamonds, which most people want for their jewellery. In contrast, brown diamonds are relatively common, and diamonds, in general, are not as rare as many people think. However, the diamonds that make up champagne and cognac diamonds are more infrequent. To put it into perspective, you will usually get 10,000 fancy coloured diamonds for each one that is classed as cognac or champagne diamonds. If You Need More Information Visit ifuntv

The Cost Of Cognac Diamonds

Although these gems are rare, they can be an affordable option when you want a coloured diamond and cannot quite stretch to the budget required for them. You can often get the same size and cut of cognac diamond, cheaper than a colourless one, so they are an excellent choice when looking to create some custom-made jewellery. Many people love their rich and intensely dark colours and the way they interact with the light, making them a popular choice for jewellery, and more people are increasingly opting for them.

Buying Cognac Diamonds

When you are looking to purchase loose cognac diamonds to turn into bespoke jewellery, many reputable gemstone dealers sell these beautiful gems. However, they will get increasingly scarce as the Argyle diamond mine has been closed for almost a year, so you will want to buy them quickly before the prices go up. Ensure you choose a reputable dealer, and you can get the perfect gemstones for your jewellery that will make you feel like a princess.

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