All there is to know about mirror frames for your room


Mirrors are a beautiful addition to a room’s decor. The mirrors make a room more spacious and bright and allow visitors with the facility to check on their image from time to time. While it is harder to reverse the beauty of what is reflected in the mirror, it is a more straightforward task to change the appearance of the mirror itself.

The frame of a mirror can dominate the aesthetic of the whole piece. Dark or light, metal or wood, ornate or simple, frames will influence the general feel.

Adding a frame to a mirror is a great thing; however, there are few considerations when selecting the perfect frame for that magnificent piece of glass. To spice up a boring floating mirror, keep in mind the following;

The mirror frame design

Whether it is in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, the design of a mirror is a vital factor to consider.

Look at the composition of the frame first. It will be made of silver, bronze or gold-colored metals to give it a polished and regal look or built from wood for a classic and rustic look. Wood and plastics will also be inexpensive alternatives but at the price of durability.

The stick-on mirror frame should present a creative flair and a covering in fabric. Also, decide on the color, shade or tone. When operating with metal materials, choose a shiny finish to build a bold, eye-catching statement.

Or you can use a dull finish or matte for a subtle touch, while with wood, you will make the mirror recede or pop. Select the style for the final touch. From simplistic modern box-design molding to ornate Victorian-style, the style of the frame is essential for maintaining the heart of the room’s design.

How mirrors are framed

Once you have settled on what design you want, the next thing to do is find an expert who will put the mirror frame for you. Several glass retailers provide frame installation solutions and will do it professionally for an affordable price.

The materials that will handle this job include;

  • Painter’s tape
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Specially formulated mirror mastic

Other things to keep in mind…

There are several other elements to look into besides the design and how you will put the frame. Ensure to check how heavy the glass is and choose a frame material accordingly. For larger or heavier mirrors, thicker, sturdy material is in order.

Determine whether the mirror will be hanging or not. You do not need to hang the mirror on the wall to offer an elegant feel to a room. Think about what is contained in the room and what the mirror is reflecting.

In summary

Now you have all of this knowledge you need for selecting the perfect frame to spruce up a mere piece of glass. Walk into different mirror frame selling outlets and choose the one that meets your needs.

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