Alan Bohms – Who Will Win Euro 2020?


Ma y state that the European football competition is one of the most skillful and talented in the world, and sadly we had to wait on Euro 2020 until Euro 2021. The group stages so far haven’t really set the world on fire of course, yet as we now move into the knockout stages the world really is watching. In fact just two days agony buddy Alan Bohms got in touch from the US, asking me who I thought may win the competition. It is usually the other way around here, with me asking him about the NHL and the NFL chances. The truth is that I am unsure who’ll win, but here is who looks most likely.


France were the favorites going into the competition and truth be told they have shown nothing to suggest that they shouldn’t still be favorites. The only time that we have seen the French wobbled so far was in their final game against Portugal, which finished in a 2-2 draw. The truth here however is that 2-2 was a fine result and France didn’t really need to win that match, hence them sitting back towards the end. This is a very balanced side and one which will be very hard to beat.


Given how well this Italy side have been playing it is odd that they weren’t talked up as much before the tournament began. Ultimately this Italy side is unbeaten in 16 games and they haven’t even conceded a goal in 11 games, which is over 1000 minutes of football. That is a staggering statistic from the Italians and it is the kind of form which could easily see them walk all the way to the final of this tournament.


Prior to the competition starting there were many people who picked their dark horses for who they may thought could do well in this competition. One of those teams was the Netherlands and given what we have seen so far that may very well have been a good pick. With players like Memphis Depay firing and the defense looking so solid, this is a great chance for the young team to go on a run. I don’t think they will eventually be victorious, but I certainly fancy them to go a long way.


For me it was a shock that England were second favorites to win the tournament, given the displays which they have put on across various competitions over the years. Having said that, from an attacking standpoint this is certainly one of the best teams which England have had and if they can turn that into results then they could certainly push on and do well in the tournament. What is definitely going to play into the hands of the English is the fact that they have a number of games at Wembley, and the fans will love getting behind the team.

France is still the smart money when it comes to who will win this competition.

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