Affordable Solutions in the Age of Uncertainty can Make Businesses Work without Fail


Setting up a good business website is a daunting task. Companies need exceptional knowledge of how to set up a website, develop a website coupled with excellent design, to host it on a server so that anyone over the internet can view it. The last aspect is especially very important because there is something wrong with it; all your previous hard work will be wasted.

Despite everything, if your website is not working smoothly, this will be akin to a disaster. Through our website, businesses provide information about their products and services. When you are trying to operate a small business, you never know that you need extra resources to keep up with the pressure of extra visitors when it takes off.

The Perfect Plan for Small Business

Any business starts with an idea, and almost all of us think that our idea is the best. With time, every website starts to get more visitors, and that’s where it can be difficult for them to assess the situation.  Just one product or any viral video can make your website start getting visitors that you haven’t imagined or haven’t made a strategy. This, indeed, can be overwhelming for small businesses and startups with little budget for hosting services.

Take the example of videos that made a splash worldwide and became viral. For example, the most-watched video on YouTube is about a baby shark dance with over 7 billion views as of November 2020. You can imagine how much attention the video has got and if it has marketed any product. Directly or indirectly, think about the video creators’ impact as they must have earned millions of dollars with virtually no investment.

One of the best examples of recent times can be about video conferencing app Zoom, which really exploded this year. Let me describe this example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily.

How Zoom Meetings Became the Default Solution for Many Businesses?

Zoom video communications is a San Jose, CA based communications technology company. It provides video telephony and online chat services to its customers. During the recent COVID-19 internet and the lockdown, virtually the entire world turned to video communications. Video conferencing became the new normal as online video conferencing, chats, and meetings ensured everyone got on with the business without much delay. Zoom has some additional features. Like integrating other apps with Zoom during a video conference. You can easily add a zoom teleprompter app and take your conference to next level.

In December 2019, Zoom had just 10 million daily meeting participants on an average. That figure jumped up to 200 million in March 2020, and then by June, it was over 300 million. You can imagine how much extra load their servers must have endured, and they have to change their entire strategy and future tactics. Although the chances are low, similar things can happen to any company, and in no time, they won’t be able to cope up with the pressure.

The Right Approach from the Start

Businesses need to consider their approach right from the start so that they are on track to make things work for them. The above examples are enough for anyone to ponder about the future, which can be uncertain. That’s why everyone needs to think about how they will face an adverse scenario in the future. Even a challenging situation, just like a sudden surge in the number of visitors on your website, can equally be a daunting task to complete.

Taking care of everything related to online hosting services and servers isn’t an easy job to manage. Several aspects can either be too complex for a layman to understand or can become a headache for him after some time. Dealing with the technical issues of maintaining a website is not a prerequisite but starting a business. But it can be the difference between how successful a website is and whether it can handle anything that is hurled towards it, most importantly, increase in traffic over time.

The Dilemma for Small Businesses and Startups

From all of the discussions mentioned above, please don’t get a notion that every business must go out of their way to get a server/hosting for their website or at any price. Of course, it is a requirement, but it doesn’t need to be out of this world. To make sure you are well equipped with enough repertoire to deal with all the pressure of high traffic in the future, a dedicated server is what can do the trick for you.

Affordability is one factor that is in the minds of business owners all the time. Whether it is about acquiring new talent, getting the raw material for their products, or dealing with vendors, small businesses need to think about cutting costs initially to break even. But when it is about dedicated servers, things get a little tricky as owners and top management of small businesses find themselves in a dilemma.

Don’t Waste a Single Day

Going for cheap dedicated servers is perhaps the best solution for such businesses. This is the perfect way to start your business with a modest beginning, albeit taking all the measures taken to cope up with everything that may come your way. This is also important because you need to be prepared for this right from the start.

It is unlike a prepaid cell package that you can change within a few hours. With traffic overwhelming a website, it will take some time to change the package or go for another hosting service. Even a few hours in downtime for a business can be troubling. Visitors on your website who will not go through your website or face an error message perhaps won’t come back for good. To avoid this, thinking proactively is the way to go so that you are ready to take on any situation and put your competitors on their toes.

Final Word

Acting proactively will pave the way for businesses to have the upper hand. Always go for the best solutions for your business while also saving costs. Affordable solutions, thus, are what is required from you.

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