Advantages of OptiLight


When it comes to windows, OptiLight is an excellent option. Choosing OptiLight windows over standard ones has a number of benefits. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

High-Quality Wood

OptiLight windows are made with high-quality pinewood for its wooden components. The wood is layered, impregnated, and then given an acrylic finish to protect it. This shields the wood from the elements, while metal protects it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Glazing as a Means of Thermal Insulation

Allowing more light into a space, an OptiLight window has a large effective glazing area Acoustic characteristics and double glazing are standard features of all OptiLight windows, which have a single chambered structure. There is an inert gas between the glass panes. After that, heat-reflecting layers will be applied to the inside pane and a robust outer coating of glass will be applied to protect it. A window with all of these features will keep the home cool in the summer, prevent heat from escaping in the winter, and avoid overheating throughout both seasons


Windows created by OptiLight are built using a center-pivoting design. The sash of the window may be opened to almost any position and turned up to 180 degrees thanks to the hinges positioned in the centre of the window. Two micro-ventilation settings are provided by the handle design of the window. In order to make the window simpler to open and close, a handle has been added to the bottom of the sash. An OptiLight window may be opened and closed in a matter of seconds thanks to the pivot mechanism and the handle on the bottom of the sash.


When considering a new roof window, OptiLight windows in the United Kingdom are an excellent option due to its wide range of applications. Their construction allows them to be erected at an angle, which makes them ideal for loft and roof windows. Any pitch between 15 and 90 degrees is appropriate for an OptiLight window.

Metal Cladding

Thick aluminum sheets are used for the metal cladding of OptiLight windows, making them more durable during transit, installation, and use. In short, you can expect them to last you for a very long time – and the window as a whole. Since the sheet is covered in a weather-resistant polyester coating, they’re robust and long-lasting. Their contemporary appeal is further enhanced by the metal casing on OptiLight windows.

Select OptiLight Roof Windows

OptiLight roof windows provide a number of benefits. Because of their superior construction, they provide greater light and insulation against the cold. It’s also possible to save money on your energy bill by using a variety of accessories to enhance the effectiveness of your windows. Because it’s difficult to find a window as durable and adaptable as OptiLight, there’s no need to compromise.

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