Advantages of choosing to use EcoPayz card


Online transactions are becoming more versatile each day, but many internet users still struggle with understanding the basic principles of using special types of online payments such as EcoPayz card. Whether you use it to deposit at your favorite EcoPayz casino, or to purchase something fancy to wear to a destination wedding, this type of payment enables smooth and simple transactions, at a low cost.

Gilfred Helmonsen, an online gaming specialist from Norway (read his bio here) is obsessed with EcoPayz in all its shapes and sizes: “It is simple, quick, and very cost-effective. Essentially, it has everything a customer would want from a service like that”, he explains and adds, “Banks from all over the world are notorious for their high fees and long processing times, and EcoPayz is the best way to avoid them!”

According to Boku, a global e-wallet network, 60% of all people on Earth will use e-wallets by 2025. Their research showed that in 2020 alone, there were 54 mobile wallets in the world, and they handled $1 billion in transactions, in 2020 alone. A big part of that impressive sum was handled via EcoPayz and EcoPayz card. To help us understand why this particular payment method is so in-demand, Helmonsen listed his favorite features and paymen’t methods comparative advantages.

EcoPayz Card is Fast

The first and most obvious advantage is how quick it is, especially compared to more traditional banking methods like bank wire or credit cards. “As soon as the money lands in your EcoPayz e-Wallet, you can use it any way you like it, and let me tell you, most companies are dying to make such payments as easy as possible, so a few taps on the screen are all you need”, Helmonsen is excited.

EcoPayz Card is Cheap

“Depending on where you live, you might have to pay a small fee on your ATM if you want to withdraw cash via EcoPayz Card, but trust me, that is far less than you would have to pay if you went the old-fashioned way”, our expert is honest. As another advantage, he also mentions the fact that you can own up to 4 EcoPayz cards in 8 different currencies, thus reducing your costs even further. And the best of all is, you don’t even have to use it to withdraw cash but also as a debit card.

EcoPayz Card is Discreet

Another important reason in favor is the fact it is incredibly discreet and helps you stay private. “I am not saying I want you to use it to hide anything from your spouse, but I will say there are no bank statements sent to your home address”, laughs Helmonsen. EcoPayz card is connected to the e-wallet, provided by the same company, and they serve as an online banking account that has nothing to do with the account in your bank. Everything is nice and discreet, without too many questions asked, even though you will have to verify your identity at some point.

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