Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using PDF


The world of technology is constantly evolving. Numerous developments come each day, and being up to date with them for professional use is important. A file format that is widely acceptable and accessible across the globe is Portable Document Formats(PDFs). PDFs are here to stay because of high portability and safety. They are compact and efficient ways of sending files. It’s being seen that PDFs are here to stay.

Read this to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a PDF.

Advantages of PDFs

1. Compact

PDFs are very compact. They take less space in storage and compress any file into a smaller size. This allows more storage space, and multiple files can be saved in the same space.

2. Preserves formatting

PDF files preserve formatting. This means they are maintained in the same format as intended. There is no change in alignment and spacing. This ensures uniformity is maintained throughout.

3. Portable

PDF files are very portable.  They can be opened by any operating system. PDF files can be opened through IOS, Windows and Android. This means no one will need to download any special format to assess a PDF file.

4. Can be converted to multiple file formats

Another advantage of PDF is that it can be converted to multiple file formats. From doc to jpeg, converting PDFs is very easy.

5. Secure

PDF files are very safe and secure. They have multiple layers of security to ensure confidential information is kept safe. There is also a feature to add a password and key to ensure only those with a password can access it.

6. Convenience

PDF files are very convenient. This is especially important when you need to send a file to multiple users.

7. Quality

PDF files ensure good quality. Even in small sizes, the quality of the file is retained.

8. Easy to create

PDF files are very easy to create. Anyone can convert a file in any format to PDF.

Disadvantages of PDFs

There are also a few advantages of PDF files-

1. Need a tool for editing

Editing PDFs can be difficult when you don’t have the right tool. It can be difficult to arrange information and add e-signatures and watermarks.  A PDF converter and PDF editor can simplify the work and ensure the document can be edited. Without a good tool, you will struggle to perform any of these tasks. Use PDF converter to Word today.

2. Difficult to read

PDF files are usually in a fixed size. These include A3 and A4. This can be especially difficult to read on a computer screen, and one may need to zoom in and out to access the contents.

3. Fewer collaboration options

Another disadvantage of PDF files is that they don’t have collaborative options. This can be difficult when multiple people are trying to edit it.

PDF files are a widely accepted format. They can be used for multiple professional purposes. The usage depends on your requirement. Use PDF, keeping in mind these advantages and disadvantages. Convert PDF to Word free today easily.

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