Acrylic Bubble Wall: How To Create A Bubble Panel Decor


Here is a visual idea of ​​creating an acrylic bubble wall panel or bubble light tubes on your own. There is an expression: you can look at a fire burning, pouring water, and a person working for an infinitely long time. The best way to reconcile the three conditions is to look at how the acrylic bubble wall is installed. The bubble wall offers such a relaxing and mesmerizing effect. Before moving ahead with further details, we would suggest you to check for the best quality acrylic sheets.

The bubble panel is a higher strength triplex or plexiglass container. Both materials have similar properties so that either one will make an equally good water bubble panel. The flow of water or air is in constant motion, so the impression of a small waterfall is created. This decor item fits perfectly into any interior. The finished product is a bubble panel that makes an excellent decoration for any space and occasion.

An acrylic bubble wall is a cavity with a transparent filling (distilled water, glycerin, liquid paraffin, ethylene glycol). The bubbles float inside the container from the bottom up to the bubble wall. The air is pumped by a compressor and sprayed by nozzles. To prevent the bubbles from mixing and strictly following their path, the panel comprises a set of isolated vertical channels or bubble light tubes (honeycomb structure). 

Polycarbonate or acrylic glass is used for the production of cavities. The outer diameter of the tubes is 20 to 650 mm. the height is 30 cm to 4 meters. The bubble walls are illuminated by LEDs located horizontally at the top and bottom of the panel. The color and intensity of the backlight may vary. 

Shelf life: until you get bored.

Operation requires only one outlet. You should also clean the dust regularly and refill the distillate a couple of times a month.

Ideas for acrylic bubble wall 

The acrylic bubble wall panel is used in zoning: visually separate the lounge area from the waiting room. A narrow panel or several parallel bubble light tubes with white backlighting are suitable. Then the glass surfaces will be practically invisible to the eye, and the running bubble strips will perfectly cope with the visual separation of zones.

Application as a wall or partition: The dimensions of the bubble panels produced are large enough to bring this design solution to life. It should be remembered that a backlit wall will become a fantastic color accent, which should not contradict the room’s interior.

 Use as columns or floor pedestals: Such devices include doors, a sleeping area, wall cabinets with collections, paintings, etc. The larger the bubble light tube diameter, the larger the room should be.

Decorative floor columns: The bubble panels can be integrated into furniture or niches. Small devices are recommended. So you can create an aquamarine panel or a picture painted with pearl bubbles. The color and intensity of the backlight will help you create such a unique masterpiece. These bubble light tubes can be used as an additional source of illumination.

Small decorative elements: Small bubble light tubes in a flower or coral shape on the table will decorate the room and allow a tired person to relax.

Bubble panels work in an interactive mode: The panels are connected to an audio system and react to sounds by changing the color and intensity of the backlight. They cost more than conventional panels. But once the feeling of novelty wears off, this feature is unlikely to be used. This website will enlighten people about the existing business and trades.

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