ABHA Card Benefits for Urban & Rural Residents


The Indian government announced the national integration of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission with the popular Arogya Setu app in 2021. This move is considered to shift the Indian healthcare system towards digitisation. Even if you don’t have an active Arogya Setu app account, you can still register under the Ayushman Bharat Health account by visiting the official government website (https://healthid.ndhm.gov.in/). Under this scheme, every Indian citizen can get an ABHA card. For the uninitiated, the ABHA card is a digitised health ID card that stores your medical records online at the same place.

Whether you live in rural or urban locations, you can use the ABHA card and enjoy its benefits. It will help you share your medical records quickly and almost instantly with doctors, clinics, health insurance providers, etc. Since the records are stored digitally, you can share them with any healthcare provider without worrying about carrying past medical documents. People can only gain access to your stored medical information if you agree to it, so your records are 100% secure. Ensure you read the full article until the end to learn more about it Itsmypost.

Things Everyone Should Know About ABHA

The ABHA full form is Ayushman Bharat Health Account. Its primary purpose is to help people digitally store their past and present medical records, laboratory reports, diagnostic test results, prescriptions, and other relevant medical-related information. When you register for an ABHA card, you get assigned a unique 14-digit number that gets linked to all your medical data. Anyone can generate this card using their Aadhar number, mobile number, or driving license. You can use this number to share all your medical records with any healthcare provider for better treatment.

What Does ABHA Card Offer to Urban & Rural Population?

If you look at the bigger picture, the main reason behind the introduction of ABHA cards was to tilt the entire healthcare sector toward digitisation. Another primary goal was to make healthcare services equitable and easily accessible to every Indian citizen. The Indian National Health Authority believes introducing the ABHA card will also boost citizen participation. Millions of Indians throughout the country have registered for ABHA cards and are enjoying the benefits of digitising their health records.

If you are changing places and are unaware of reliable doctors or other healthcare service providers in a particular location, the ABHA card can help. Besides merely storing medical records, ABHA cardholders will also get access to verified and qualified doctors. This list is made available from the Health Facility Registry and Healthcare Professional Registry. Often, people from rural regions don’t get access to the required healthcare treatments because of the lack of proper medical documents. This card can help eliminate this problem.

The ABHA card benefits are numerous for people residing in both urban and rural locations. With the wide-scale adoption of ABHA cards, both individuals and healthcare service providers can benefit. The government can also refer to the collected data without compromising the individual’s identity to design effective health schemes. And since people will have the option to give consent to access their records, there is nothing to worry about. The support you give can be permanent, temporary, or even time bound.

ABHA Card Bridges the Gap Between People & Quality Healthcare Services

When people move to a new place or decide to change their healthcare service provider, they must be ready with their medical records to help doctors or clinics better understand their health condition. If you are not good at preserving all medical records like past prescriptions, laboratory reports, etc., the ABHA card can help you.

The best part about the ABHA card is it stores all your medical records, even if you choose to proceed with ayurvedic, homoeopathy, Siddha, Unani, or any other form of treatment. These digitally stored medical records are a boon for anyone who isn’t good at precisely explaining a health condition to a doctor or has difficulty maintaining too many health records newslookups.

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