A Trusted International Law Firm in Thailand


If you’re looking for an international law firm in Thailand There are numerous choices. One of the top companies can be found at Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand which is an international firm with significant presence Thailand. The firms have significant Thailand representation and utilize their global reach to manage international mandates.

Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand The Firm Celebrates The Growth

An increase in revenue is cause for celebration at Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand. Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand. The firm has reached the goal of doubling its revenues. The lawyers of the firm have years of experience in both domestic and international law issues. The partners of the firm have served in various capacities for foreign companies in Thailand.

The Vize International Thai Law Firm’s three offices

Three offices within Vize International Thailand Law Firm offer a unique mix of knowledge. With a large number of lawyers in three offices, the firm is an industry leader in the frontier markets. Since the establishment of a permanent presence at Bangkok, Vize Counselor has assisted clients in the Thai capital as well as across the globe. We have Thai as well as Chinese offices offer legal counsel as well as services to local and international clients. Our team is comprised of accountants, lawyers consultants, as well as experts in their field who have an extensive international background.

The Bangkok law firm office of the Vize Counselor is your one-stop source for legal services for corporations. With highly experienced lawyers and experts from top universities and top universities, the team in Bangkok office Bangkok office is prepared to provide clients with any location around the globe. The company’s website has been built with speedy loading and user-friendly features. It provides simple access to the company’s services and knowledge.

The Corporate Experience of English-Speaking Lawyers

If you’re in search of an international law company located in Thailand with lawyers who speak English Look no further. Vize Counselor is a full-service law firm offering legal assistance in almost all aspects of corporate and commercial law. Their lawyers are multilingual and have a wealth of knowledge in the field of technology. Along with being registered as an Thai Consultant Vize Counselor is also home to many foreign-language employees who speak foreign languages.

Specialize in BOI Thailand Company Set Up

In order to qualify to apply for the BOI Thailand Company Set-Up company, it must have a registration with the Department of Business Development (DBD) and Immigration (Immigration). Foreign investors must be a director or shareholder of a business that has an account with an international banking institution. The investor has to pay at minimum 25 percent of the capital registered to the business into the bank account of the company. The name of the sender as well as the recipient of the money must be identical. Once the money has been transferred an investor will be able to get advice on credit from the bank before proceeding to set up.

There are numerous benefits of the establishment of the doors of a BOI promotion Thailand. This includes tax-free status for 13 years, 100 foreign ownership and assistance in obtaining work permits and visa applications. Businesses that are backed by BOI are eligible for tax and tax-free incentives, which differ according to how they conduct their. The choice of the best company to partner with is vital to achieve the most effective outcome. But, it’s not necessarily necessary to select the first option you find.

The Best English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand

Finding the best English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand isn’t easy, particularly when you’re in a an extremely difficult legal issue. Thai lawyers aren’t required to communicate in English however, most don’t. If you can speak English well, a lawyer who speaks English can make a significant impact on your situation. This is especially the case when you wish to safeguard your privacy. If, however, you don’t have a good grasp of your native language, then you might be in a position that you can’t communicate to your attorney.

It is possible to start by searching for an attorney firm in Bangkok that has English legal professionals who speak English. Vize Counselor firm will have lawyers who are fluent in English as well as Chinese well, and offer many practice areas. One example is the law of immigration. The Immigration lawyers of the firm can help people applying for immigration papers. The lawyers can assist you get work permits and visas. The lawyers from Vize Counselor can also help you in the legal matters of your family.

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