A Light Box Made of Paper

Layers of paper cutouts are placed in a box, which is lit from behind. It’s going to provide some stunning shadows and depth. It’s possible to personalise this stunning piece of art to suit your needs: Home d├ęcor, wedding gifts, children’s nightlights, etc. In order to achieve a water reflection, this particular version was constructed using eight layers of paper. If you’d want a broad summary, you may watch the video above.


Choosing a paper is the first step.

– The size of your document will be proportional to the magnitude of your conclusion. As a result, I’ve selected A4.

Your paper’s thickness. The more transparent the material is, the thinner it is. You’re getting a decent bargain if you spend between 150g and 220g.

Drawing the first two layers is a good place to get started. Leave a gap in the centre for the following layers by drawing some trees on the left and right. Use a scalpel knife to cut the paper exactly where you drew it.

Lagoon Creatures

Draw a lake in the lowest portion of Layer 3. Draw your primary item at the top of the lake. A unicorn, a couple in love, or any number of other creatures might be used as examples. Let your imagination go wild;)

Reflection of water in the sky

Water reflection will take place in layers 4 and 5. As an alternative, you may use a piece of paper as thin as 70g and just cut off the lake’s top border. Create an upside-down version of your primary item by flipping Layer 3 upside-down on Layer 5. You can have a look at our Cricut SVG File designs.

A total of three layers: six, seven, and eight

The backdrop of your light box is made up of layers 6, 7 and 8. On the 6th and 7th layers, draw some mountains and a moon.

Boards made of foam

Foam Board may be used to make spacers. One-centimeter-wide spacers were employed.

Layers are Glued Together

Using foam board as spacers, adhere each layer to the one before it.

Don’t use spacers between layers 3 and 4, they’re special. You’ll be able to get a better water reflection using this method. Without spacers or with a narrower spacer, you may glue Layers 4 and 5 together. I went with 0.5 cm. A larger amount of space will cause the water reflection to distort more.

Make a Frame of Wood

Wooden frames should be somewhat deeper than the paper. My 5-inch frame required a 7-inch-deep oak frame. Four pieces of wood should be glued together to form the frame.

Incorporate LED Lighting

Behind the frame, install a Led strip. To be able to create whatever colour you like, I propose an RGB led strip controlled by a remote. Foam board may then be used to seal the frame.

Observe the Progress of Your Work

Finally, turn it on and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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