A Keychain Factory Bulk Custom Acrylic Keychain


If you are in the market for a custom keychains, there are several things you should look for before making the purchase. First, you should make sure the keychain is made from quality materials. For instance, you should go with a supplier that uses cast acrylic plastic sheets and type 304 stainless steel chains, and UV curable ink for printing.

A Keychain Factory specializes in customized keychains for a wide range of businesses and individuals. Their products include personalized acrylic keychains and metal keychains with a variety of designs. They can also create custom-made license plates and wooden signs. The company’s talented designers can create any design you desire and deliver it to your customers at a reasonable price.

Process Of Manufacturing

The manufacturing process begins with the raw materials being transported to the manufacturing facility. The acrylic keychains are then shipped using trucks, airplanes, or cargo ships. Some are even shipped by FedEx delivery services. This type of transportation consumes energy and creates toxins. Once they arrive at their destination, the keychains will typically last until the chain breaks or the printed graphic is scratched.

Once the acrylic keychain has been used, it can be recycled. Many people dispose of these products in the trash instead of the recycling bin. Because they are categorized as Group 7 plastic, these keychains can be recycled. But if you want to be sure that they are recycled, you should consider the materials that they are made from. Stainless steel is recyclable. Its scrap metal can be used to make other stainless steel products. However, acrylic plastic is harder to recycle.

Custom keychain are available from a variety of suppliers. Some of these factories will produce the items for you using UV printing technology and slotting machines. You can select the one that best suits your needs and budget. Many of these companies will even offer digital proofs of the finished products.

Benefit to An Acrylic Keychain

Another benefit to an acrylic keychain is the environmental impact of its manufacturing process. The raw materials used to make these products are composed of simple elements found in the earth. These include silicon, copper, nickel, and iron ore. They are durable and lightweight. They do not have toxic coatings and are recyclable. In addition to Siser EasySubli 8.4×11 sheets, we offer a diverse collection of EasySubli products, each in a range of quantities to best suit your needs


These products can also be personalized, and you can choose from many designs and colors. In addition, acrylic keychains are available in many shapes, and can be printed in full color. They are also easy to carry. If you want to order bulk keychains, you can purchase up to 10 at a time, which will save you money on the product.

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