A Guide to Stylish Eyewear in 2021


2021 has officially arrived! 2020 may have been a year of ups and downs, and we can’t wait to get back to normal life. However, there are of course some lessons to be learnt from 2020. The most prominent was to take care of our health. So look out for your eye health, and treat yourself to a brand new pair of specs. Here is a guide to the trending styles this year.

For the world’s top eyewear brands and premium budget-friendly brands, head to SmartBuyGlasses. Shopping online is super easy and fun thanks to the latest technological innovations on their site, such as the Virtual Try-On tool. Let’s take a look at the frame styles trending this year and beyond!

1. Oversized Aviators – SmartBuy Collection Tempe

The classic pilot shape is a fashion essential in any eyewear collection. Metal framed aviators like the SmartBuy Tempe are bang on trend this year, and the stainless steel will provide comfort that lasts for years to come. Refresh your look without breaking the back when you shop the pair from the SmartBuy Collection. Wondering if they would suit you? Check out the online mirror, where you take a quick selfie video to instantly envisage hundreds of frames on your face. All without even leaving the house!

2. Blue Light Glasses – Arise Collective Cameron Blue Light

It doesn’t take a genius to know that 2020 was definitely the year of increased screen time. With all the months of isolating at home, we were either studying, working, or relaxing in front of a screen. In fact, over-exposure to blue light-emitting devices like phones, laptops and televisions can prematurely age your eyes and potentially lead to long term visual problems. These Arise Collective blue light eyeglasses protect your eyes from the damaging effects of high energy blue light wavelengths. Plus, transparent frames like these are all the rage in fashion this year as they’re versatile and match any outfit and occasion.

3. Bright & Colourful Frames – SmartBuy Collection Laurie

Looking for a splash of colour to brighten up an otherwise neutral coloured wardrobe? Coloured glasses are the perfect ticket to brighten up your outfits. It is worth noting that colour makes one more memorable, so these are the perfect frames to make a long lasting fashion statement. With these SmartBuy Collection Laurie frames, you can add colour with more than one pair as these glasses cost just $35!

4. Round Metals – SmartBuy Collection Goold

Like the sound of wearing luxury glasses without the luxury price tag? These glasses are your new best friend. Although they look designer, their price point is actually very low, so stylish glasses are now wonderfully accessible to all. These metal round frames will only gain in popularity throughout the year, so they will keep your look fresh for years and years. 

5. Elegant Reading Glasses – SmartBuy Readers Elvi

Have you had the same pair of reading glasses for years now? Or perhaps you are afraid to try something different. The great thing about reading glasses is that you don’t wear them all the time, so it is easy to get a bit more adventurous with the frame styles. Treat yourself to a new pair and make a statement with your readers. Be bold and be brave, try something new! Like these tortoiseshell glasses from SmartBuy Readers. You will be turning heads wherever you go. The blue light glasses all day helps you to see very clear.

For even more fashionable designs, head straight to SmartBuyGlasses. While you’re there, don’t forget to add their zFORTTM blue light blocking technology at the checkout. This will ensure that for this year and beyond, your new glasses will perform well, not just in the fashion arena, but in the protective field too! 

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