A guide on the usages of Retail Kiosk Solutions


Retail Kiosk is an ideal solution for commercial and consumer touch screen applications. With self-service kiosk selection, users can easily find a kiosk solution. A bespoke solution solves all kinds of demands and makes your Kiosk unique.

The self-service retail kiosk solutions feature a slim profile for space-constrained environments and various device options for multi-application deployment.  These days’ kiosk solutions are very common in use. It is very helpful to run a business by making the processes easy.

Retail Kiosk Solutions used in:

  • Bill Payment
  • Gift Card Delivery.
  • Rental Systems.
  • IT asset management

And in many more….

Product Features

  • Slim profile for space-constrained environments
  • Various device options for multi-application deployment
  • Rugged design for continuous use in an unsupervised area
  • Modular design reducing the total cost of ownership


  • An information kiosk in a center shopping/department store/hospital
  • Price check / Supermarket/discount store membership
  • Ticket kiosk in cinema/golf club
  • Queue kiosk in bank/hospital

Retail kiosks

Retail Kiosk Experience in manufacturing innovative mobile catering solutions. The quality lends itself to creating a complete service for customers who want something more tailor-made in terms of concept and location.

Kiosk designing retail solutions and producing bespoke, quality retail solutions for customers who want a permanent kiosk in busy retail environments. Many companies design and build teamwork with you to make an integrated unit to your exact needs. Design, consultation, manufacture, marking, and installation are the key elements of the service.

A wide range of cost adjustment and equipment can be provided to give you a sophisticated and attractive environment for your customers and to maximize your return on investment.

Modular kiosks offer secure and flexible hosting solutions. Mounted on a steel pallet rack, the units can be moved quickly and, when branded correctly, can provide robust and positive exposure.

Small kiosks solution

The kiosks are made of polycarbonate panels filled with foam to provide strength and insulation. Each Kiosk is mounted on a steel pallet to allow easy movement using a forklift or trans-pallet truck.

The Kiosk is equipped with a large 300mm shelf under the front window.

General applications in which Small kiosks solution used:

  • Cabin security
  • Parking participation
  • Ticketing
  • Sales program
  • Race Cards
  • Information

Medium kiosks General applications:

  • Cabin security
  • Parking Participation
  • Ticketing
  • Information
  • Food and drinks
  • Merchandise

Large kiosks General applications:

  • Retail
  • Bars
  • Offices
  • Medical rooms
  • Temporary police station
  • Exterior and interior construction of the Kiosk

All the Kiosk’s Rapid Retail System’s walls and roof panels have constructed sandwich (CTP) fiberglass reinforced polyester panels. 3.5 cm of polyurethane foam with a density of 40 is injected into the sandwich panels, insulating them against sound and heat.

The panels of the Retail Rapid Modular Kiosk System are insulated with antibacterial silicon. This helps to make kiosks water and well soundproofed and adds to the brilliant look of the kiosks.

The fast retail kiosk system exterior is coated with a pigment gel coat mixed with refractive paint, making it easy to clean and protect against damage from and direct sunlight exposure.

Both internal and external surfaces of the kiosk fast retail system are weather resistant. They are corrosion resistant, washable, rust-proof, easy to clean, impact-resistant and can withstand a load of 400 kg snow.

The Kiosk’s fast retail system is resistant to temperatures up to 60 ° down and as low as -45 °. The standard colour for the Kiosk’s rapid retail system is neon white, but other colours are available upon request.

The retail kiosk solutions system windows consist of 4mm tempered glass mounted in an aluminium frame coated with white electrostatic paint. The unique glass dramatically reduces the risk of injury in the event of breakage.

The Kiosk’s quick retail system doors are also aluminium coated with white electrostatic paint and 4mm tempered glass in the windows. They have three hinges and are equipped with ITO locks.

The fast retail kiosk system floor metal structure is made from a 1.5mm thick iron profile. This is coated with anti-corrosive paint and is topped with a 16mm layer of cement particle board painted with short pearl blue paint.

The quick retail booth provides design service for customers. The client needs to give a book of branding or job logos and illustration, and sharp detail will create a design project for clients’ approval.

Design options:

  • Flat plan
  • 3D visual
  • Application delivered

Quick Retail Booth offers its customers a comprehensive solution, which includes a branding and full application service.


The standard colour kiosks are white, but Quick Retail can paint the kiosks in line with the customers’ requirements.

The evolution of points of sale

Outlets refer only to the site – typically a counter with a cash register where customers handed over cash for goods and services. Payment is always at the heart of any point-of-sale system, whether online, at a self-access kiosk, via an agent’s portable terminal or at a traditional cash register. But since the old cash register first became associated with computers in the 1970s, the point of sale has grown into a powerful hub for financial, business, promotional, and operational processes.

Conclusion: Having a kiosk will help you overcome the challenges associated with multiple menu options, orders, and payments.

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