A Great New Way to Use Nicotine


Smoking was traditionally seen as social and fun activity to share moments with friends or get a little time alone to ponder one’s thoughts.  These days, it is becoming less socially acceptable in many scenarios, and nicotine users are finding it harder to find those precious moments during the busiest of days. Nordic Spirit, developed in the heart of Sweden, are here to provide the perfect solution with an exciting and clever range of tobacco free nicotine pouches.  A discreet and quick boost of nicotine for any time of day, whether you are getting ready for a big night out, on the morning commute, or jetting off around the world.  Taking time for yourself is important to all of us, and with Nordic Spirit, anything is possible.

The pouches truly are innovative for nicotine users.  Available in a range of different flavours and nicotine strengths, from refreshing mint, to zesty citrus, the pouches can be customised to suit your needs and preferences as they change throughout the day.  They could not be easier to use – simply pop one under your top lip and feel the tingle as a steady stream of nicotine flows through, lasting up to 60 minutes.  Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches can be used at any time, in virtually any place for a quick and refreshing boost of nicotine, no problem.

Created with a blend of plant based fibres, the pouches are far more eco-friendly than other nicotine alternatives.  Offering a nicotine hit with no smoke, no vapour, and no smell, you can use the pouches any time or place.  The packaging is also fully recyclable and can easily be disposed of in household recycling.

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