A Few FAQs about Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation


As part of the natural process of aging, or due to pregnancy and childbirth, a woman’s vaginal tissue may soften and spread. In certain women, this weakening may result in vaginal laxity that reduces physical sensation during sex and/or leads to urinary incontinence. This can also contribute to a multitude of other problems such as discomfort during sex, vaginal dryness, failure to orgasm, and the weakness of the vaginal wall.  Bacterial infection is another common issue that women face. Probiotics from V-Luxe help them keep such vaginal infections away. Such types of issues can be solved by Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Laser vaginal rejuvenation:

How much a laser vaginal tightening cost?

Laser vaginal therapy begins at $1,000 per session and needs 2 to 3 treatments in three months. A kit of 3 is available at the price of the consumer.

How long does vaginal tightening take to recover?

It is anticipated that the first few days after the session may cause slightly localized pain. After 1-3 days, you can restart your routine.

What is the duration of a vaginal laser tightening procedure?

It takes about 30 minutes for each vaginal laser therapy.

What is laser vaginal tightening?

Vaginal rejuvenation and laser tightening are used to improve the effects of vaginal atrophy, such as dryness, discharge, irritation, and discomfort with minimally invasive laser and energy-based radiofrequency. Furthermore, urinary stress and vaginal laxity syndromes following childbirth may be significantly changed. There is also a significant improvement in sexual pleasure. Women with post-breast cancer or chemotherapy and pre and postmenopausal, post-childbirth will recover their vaginal wellbeing with this laser therapy.

Who is a good candidate for laser vaginal tightening?

Here are a few reasons for using laser vaginal tightening or rejuvenation treatments, some of them are:

  • If the contours of your vaginal structures have changed due to childbirth or aging,
  • If you feel pain while sex or riding a bike or horse,
  • If some vaginal deliveries’ symptoms cause decreased feeling during intercourse,
  • If you have incontinence in the urine
  • If you have vaginal atrophy signs

What are the advantages of laser vaginal tightening?

Here are a few benefits of laser vaginal tightening such as;

  • Rejuvenates Your Vagina
  • Improves Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence improvement
  • Boost your Sex Life
  • Regain Confidence

Is there any risk involved?

The majority of women show short side effects, such as a little redness or swelling, normally they disappear in a couple of days

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