A Complete Review Of One Of The Most Popular Hard Seltzers


As the temperatures rise, so does the demand for refreshing alcoholic beverages.

One of the most popular options in recent years has been hard seltzers, and there are now many different brands to choose from.

In this post, we’ll look at one of the most popular hard seltzer brands: Vizzy. We’ll outline some of this drink’s main features. If you’re considering giving hard seltzers a try this summer, this Vizzy Hard Seltzer review will provide you with all you need to know about this popular beverage.

Vizzy Hard Seltzer Alcohol Content

Vizzy Hard Seltzer contains 5% alcohol by volume. The drink is available in various flavors and is marketed as a healthier alternative to other alcoholic drinks, such as beer and wine.

In addition to being low in calories and carbohydrates, Vizzy Hard Seltzer is also gluten-free. Vizzy has quickly become a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a drink without guilt, thanks to its light and refreshing flavor.

Calorie Content In Vizzy

The calorie content of Vizzy Hard Seltzer is 100 calories per can. In comparison, most regular beers contain between 150 and 200 calories per can. This makes Vizzy Hard Seltzer a relatively low-calorie option for people looking to watch their weight.

Note that a single can of Vizzy Hard Seltzer contains the equivalent alcohol content of two light beers. Despite this, the low-calorie content of Vizzy makes it a popular choice for people looking for a light alcoholic beverage.

Vizzy Hard Seltzer Flavors

Vizzy has several flavors, and here are some of the top sellers:

  • Black Cherry Lime – The black cherry soda you love is back with an unexpected twist. They’ve added some lime juice to give it some extra zest this time.
  • Strawberry Kiwi – The combination of strawberry and kiwi fruit is a favorite among many drinkers. It has a refreshing, tangy taste that seems to be enjoyed by many people, both young and old alike!
  • Blueberry Pomegranate – You may be surprised by this flavor combination, but the sweet blend of blueberries and pomegranates will cleanse your palette.
  • Pineapple Mango – This refreshing drink will have your guests asking for seconds! It tastes like an upside-down pineapple cake so you can enjoy it year-round.
  • Acerola Cherry Juice – Acerola cherries are fruit in South America. They’re typically eaten fresh or dried, and their tart flavor is perfect for treating yourself after work!

9 Reasons To Try Vizzy Hard Seltzer

  1. It’s a refreshing low-calorie drink
  2. It’s made from all-natural ingredients
  3. It’s excellent for those looking to lose weight
  4. It’s refreshing
  5. It’s affordable
  6. It tastes great
  7. It’s a high-quality product
  8. It’s gluten-free
  9. It contains vitamins

Vizzy Hard Seltzer Review: In Closing

So there you have it – our Vizzy Hard Seltzer review. We’ve discussed the alcohol content, calorie content, flavors, and nine reasons you should try this delicious drink. If you haven’t already given it a go, we recommend you head to your nearest liquor store and pick up a few cans of Vizzy today!

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