A Better Lifestyle Isn’t Just Actions But Emotions Too!


We are humans, and that’s why we talk a lot about lifestyle! We understand that, and we shape our lifestyle through our actions. But it is not only about actions but emotions too! We all have emotions, and our actions are also inspired by what we feel inside. Whether being narcissistic is the source or thinking about others. 

We can’t really bind the term ‘lifestyle’ in a few things as it is a vast term. 

Being Sad – How do you define a sad person, or how can you know that person is not feeling well mentally and emotionally? The easiest way is to apply on your own. When you feel sad, you won’t do things that you do on a routine basis, and it could include anything. And missing a routine means a change in lifestyle. A habit that you have developed after quite some time, it can be destroyed if you can’t get over your sadness till days. And it can affect the lifestyle of others too who are close to you. 

Being Happy – A change is a change! Whether it comes from your sad state or the happy one! Being happy can be triggered through the emotions of others or the actions of others, and it can result in a change in your lifestyle. When you are happy, you go beyond your limits to express it. The change will most probably be a good one, but there will be a change anyhow. For example, it is your wedding anniversary, and you decide to surprise your partner with FlowerAura anniversary gifts and go on a trip; there will surely be a change, even if it’s temporary. It is also obvious that living the same life every day is boring and change is good!  

Being Stressed – This emotion has ruined the good lifestyles of many people. And one of the most prominent and visual scenarios is of people falling on smoking and drinking to calm their stress. It is surely the act of smoking or your drink after being stressed, but the actions are triggered by emotions. Why don’t people fall upon Yoga instead of smoking and drinking to get off stress? Both picking Yoga and bad habits are decisions that one makes, but it is how our internal system works which triggers the bad things first. And that’s where you lose, and the emotions win. 

Some people desire a luxurious lifestyle, and some thrive on living a simple lifestyle. There are some who achieve what they want, and there are some who keep struggling to achieve a lifestyle all their lives. One has to have both emotional and actionable control over self to stay in the way of life that provides satisfaction and makes sense of a better life (which varies from person to person). 

There are people who are spending bucks to buy motor vehicles that run on diesel/petrol having very low mileage, and there are some who are understanding the climate change and putting their resources to buy electric vehicles. But we can’t question anyone because they are trying to achieve what provides them with inner satisfaction. 

People think actions are the reason, and if they control their actions, they can live a life as they want. But it’s not true! If a person can’t control his/her emotions, then there is no way he/she can hold control over the actions. And control doesn’t mean being able to stop emotions from emerging out; it is about not letting those emotions make you do what you don’t think should be a part of your lifestyle. 

Now a question can arise about the happiness part of the article where it is said your happiness can bring a temporary change in your lifestyle. In scenarios, we have to apply a general understanding of what is good for us and what is not. And if the temporary change is happening out of happiness, you will get back to the basics after some time, whereas it is hard to happen in scenarios where you fall for bad habits. 

The thought of a particular lifestyle is also an emotion, and it turns into reality through actions!

So, both actions and emotions align with your decisions and shape a style of life for you!

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