A Beginner’s Guide to a Memorable 4 Days Istanbul Itinerary


Exploring Istanbul within only four days will not make you satisfied. Istanbul has attractive tourist spots with local wonders in each corner of the town. Turkey’s heart, Istanbul, pays off your entire trip to Turkey.

However, if you are a first-timer in Istanbul and want to end the trip within a week or less, this article will be your great help. Before planning the itineraries, make sure you are confirmed with the few essentials.

Choose the Best Accommodation: The first thing you should ensure is to stay in the perfect hotel. Instead of choosing accommodations near tourist spots, consider making it near the Old Town. It will give you a convenient way to reach out to all itineraries well.

Tour Packages: If you are on a tour package, the company will fix the itineraries for you. It’s convenient and facilitated from the beginning. This is why taking a private tour with one of the most popular agencies, such as madeinturkeytours.com can be helpful.

Day 1-4 Itineraries

Explore the Old Town: Since you are staying near the Old Town, don’t forget to roam around each street corner. Explore those beautiful colourful buildings around the roads with natural views. You can start the morning by taking a walk down the streets instead of getting on any vehicle.

Explore Sultanahmet: Begin your first day with the most famous historical Sultanahmet in the Old Town. It reminds us how the Greeks first started colonizing the city. After that, take a tour to the peninsula where water from three sides covers the area.

Visit the Turkish Museum of Arts and Culture: Don’t miss visiting the Turkish museums to know more about ottoman history and the ancient period. You will find Islamic arts, culture, and religious things in that art gallery and museum.

Visit Blue Mosque: Nothing will be more tempting than exploring the famous Blue Mosque. Take your time to entirely know about the history and culture of the Ottoman period.

Explore Hagia Sophia: To get the most spectacular views of both an old Church and the present Mosque, you must visit Hagia Sophia. This breathtaking architectural structure will make you wonder how brilliantly it had been made.

Get Energized with Topkapi Palace Museum: Another great attraction of Istanbul, the Topkapi Palace Museum, reminds us of the Ottoman Sultans rule. You will be amazed at the architecture from that period, which still holds pride and history.

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Explore Grand Bazaar: Get yourself lost in the breathtaking Grand Bazaar of Istanbul with everything you need and dream of. All the colourful and spectacular jewellery, utensils, shoes, outfits, bags, and everything will make you feel like you are in heaven. 

Don’t forget to bargain if you want to have the best shopping day. 

Enjoy Turkish Meal: After all those itineraries, don’t forget to fill your tummy with yummy Turkish meals and desserts. Take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner from any famous cuisine and taste the street foods for a whole new experience.

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