9 Ways to Hide Eyesores in Your Home


As homeowners, we want our homes to look nice, but it also has to be functional. Some of the elements of our home can be functional and beautiful but others just can’t.

These ugly parts of our home must be hidden from sight or ruin the entire style of a room. How?

Read these nine ways to hide the common eyesores in your home.

1.  The Fuse Folley

Every home has at least one big ugly fuse box in their home. For some reason, they often seem to be located in one of the strangest places.

These big boxes are nothing pretty to look at. You can paint over them but they still stick out like a sore thumb.

The best way to hide these eyesores is by hanging a piece of artwork over them.

This artwork could be a traditional painting but you can also get creative and hang a woven macrame wall art to cover the fuses.

2. Hide the Hidden

To keep your room more organized, it is wise to use the unused space under your bed to store some of your less-used items.

This helps with the rest of the room, but if your bed is raised, you can still see all that crap under the bed.

Never fear! There is a cure for this unpleasant underbed. Simply purchase a sleek, solid-colored bedskirt and put it on your bed. Preferably, this bed skirt will match your sheets or blankets to help harmonize the entire bed.

Check out these bestseller bed skirts on Amazon.

3. Ornatify Your Air Vents

Traditional air vents do nothing to add style to a room. In fact, they detract from the beauty of a room, but they are a necessary part of the home.

You can make them less unpleasant to look at, even provide some visual interest, just by swapping out the cover.

This website has a ton of cool patterned and decorative air vent covers to choose from. They come in a variety of colors, too.

4. Forget the Plastic Baskets

Most homes will contain several large containers to store items. Laundry baskets, toy buckets, and organizing bins are to name just a few.

These are usually made of ugly, hard plastic, and don’t do a thing to improve the visual aspect of a home.

Swap these unattractive plastic baskets and bins for artisan hand woven straw and rope baskets that are to die for!

5. Carpet Stains or Tears Begone

If you have a carpet in your home that is relatively in good shape but has one burn or stain, it might feel like a waste of money to install a brand new carpet over the entire room.

You don’t have to deal with a marred floor, however. Area rugs to the rescue! Cover that one unsightly spot with a beautiful new rug and don’t worry about it anymore.

6. Use a Box to Cover Electronics

With all the technology in the home, you are left with a bunch of cords. This is especially true in entertainment centers or at a desk. What is to be done with all that mess?

Cover it with a box! The type of box is up to you, but obviously, you want a pretty one.

A carved wooden box would work well. Perhaps you find a power strip box made just for this reason.

You can also hide your modem and router with a faux set of books.

7.  Privacy Screen for the Unit

If you have a central HVAC system, you’ll have a clunky outside unit that can really ruin the landscaping of your exterior.

To cover this up and make it look more attractive, you can build a mini “privacy fence.” This can be made of wood or if you have a chain-link fence, you can cover it with ivy for a more green privacy screen.

8. Paint Your Out of Date Countertops

Formica countertops are ugly but not everyone can afford those luxurious marble or granite countertops. However, you can fake it!

There are paint kits that you can buy that will cover your old Formica and make them look like expensive granite. It may take a little work on your part but the results are so worth it!

9. Crate Covers

Our furry friends may bring us much joy but they also bring a lot of mess. One of the biggest items that take up space in our home is the dog crate.

These wire crates are made to keep our pets safe. They aren’t made to look nice but we can do something about that.

There are crate covers that you can buy, (or if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make), that will transform this basic crate into a stylish covered dog bed.


Don’t let unsightly things ruin the vibe in your home. Try out some of these helpful tips to trade ugly for stylish, annoying for fantastic, and boring for beautiful.

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