9 Reasons Nowra Is the Best Place to Live


Nowra is an increasingly popular city in New South Wales, about 160 km on the South Western side of Sydney, off the Princes Highway.

Nowra became a town in 1857, with the name coming from “black cockatoo”, the Aboriginal word. It became part of the shire of Shoalhaven in 1948 and evolved into a city in 1979.

Opposite Nowra is Bomaderry town, on Shoalhaven’s northern bank. Since the South Coast railway line terminus from Sydney is close, the region has a thriving economy.

Let’s dive into the top 9 reasons Nowra is the best place to live.

1. Public Art

Shoalhaven City Council actively promotes public art to curb anti-social behaviour and give the local communities a sense of pride.

The public art in Nowra is impressive and captivating. You’ll love the sculptures, installations and large murals that highlight the personality of Nowra’s communities.

The prominent yet gorgeous murals bring life to the community amenities and streetscapes. The exquisite art of the environment, wildlife and communities make Nowra feel like home.

2. Local Cuisine

Shoalhaven boasts locally grown farm-fresh produce and fresh seafood, some of the best fishing spots in Australia. The dining experience is fantastic, with menus featuring the local produce from nearby farmers’ markets.

You’ll love savouring locally produced wine at the Cambewarra Estate Winery, the Lyrebird Ridge Organic Winery or any of the 15 wineries.

3. Access to Necessary Services and Facilities

Nowra has various sporting facilities, gyms, and entertainment spots such as clubs. You can participate in active cultural groups or attend live concerts at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.

You can live in any of the 49 towns and villages surrounding about 106 beaches.

4. Education Facilities

Shoalhaven has a well-established education sector that offers various education levels and training services. If you have young children, you can enrol them in daycare centres and public and private schools.

There are also higher education institutions such as the University of the Third Age and various vocational education centres.

5. Economic Developments

Nowra is less than two hours away from south of Sydney. As one of South Coast’s major commercial centres, the township has all the essential facilities you need.

It’s home to the Navy’s only Air Station and the largest operational naval establishment in the country, the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm. It also hosts the Manildra factory in Bomaderry, Australia’s most established ethanol producer.

6. Shoalhaven River

Shoalhaven River meanders under Nowra’s historic bridge, separating the town from North Nowra and Bomaderry.

It’s the perfect place for outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing and boating. The beautiful waterway merges with rural flats for a picturesque view right at home.

7. The Natural Appeal

Nowra has serene panoramas of the hinterland and river. You can take in this beauty as you stroll along Ben’s walk and take family photos at Hanging Rock.

There are gorgeous picnic spots with unfettered views of the river.

8. Access to Health Facilities

The Shoalhaven District Hospital is within Nowra’s medical precinct, and you’ll also find about seven nursing homes across the district.

You can also pursue education in the health sector at the Shoalhaven Campus at Mundamia.

9. Easy Commute

The new Nowra Bridge is under construction, and the Gerringong/Foxground/Berry highway is undergoing upgrades. These developments will ensure easier access to Sydney, Wollongong and surrounding areas.


Nowra is among the most scenic landscapes on Australia’s east coast. It boasts breathtaking waterways and beaches surrounded by lush rainforests.

The local economy is robust, from business opportunities in various sectors. As you plan your future, you have nine more reasons to live in Nowra.

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