9 Experts Tips for Improving Your Workout


Regular workouts are an effective way to improve your mental health, reduce risks of heart diseases, manage insulin and blood sugar levels, and control your weight. However, starting and completing your workout routines to achieve your goals can be intimidating. Read on for nine expert tips for improving your workout.

1.   Set your fitness goals

The first step to a successful workout is setting your fitness goals. You should be clear about what you want to achieve before starting your training. This helps to plan and implement your workout sessions accordingly. You do not want to engage in exercises that help you increase your body strength when your goal is to lose weight.

Be sure to narrow down your fitness goals to ensure that you achieve them efficiently and effectively. Avoid setting unrealistic goals, especially when you are just getting started on your workout routines.

2.   Eat a balanced diet

A proper diet fuels your body to help you reach your goals. A good pre-workout meal is rich in proteins and carbohydrates to promote repair, reduce muscle soreness, and produce energy. Eat poultry, meat, fish, tofu, eggs, protein shakes for proteins and dairy products, grain, and starchy vegetables for carbs.

Avoid foods high in fats as your body takes longer to digest them, and working out after consuming fatty meals makes your body compete with itself for blood supply. You could also consult your physician or trainer for recommendations for a good preworkout supplement to keep your body energized throughout the training.

3.   Stay hydrated

Along with a balanced diet, ensure that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Consider adding oranges, mint, cucumber slices, cilantro or lemon to your drinking water to make it more refreshing. When your body is hydrated, it can effectively regulate its temperature, lubricate the joints, and transport body nutrients to keep you feeling energized throughout the workout. Other benefits of staying hydrated when exercising include;

  • Improved agility and recovery
  • Maintain blood pressure
  • Improved movement
  • Better overall physical performance
  • Eliminate waste from the muscles

4.   Always warm up first

Do not just delve right into your workout routine. Instead, engage in a warm-up exercise to prepare your body for a workout session. Warming up improves your heart rate and increases blood flow, preparing your body for high-intensity workouts. A pre-workout exercise also warms your muscles, making them less vulnerable to injuries. Some of the warm-up exercises you could indulge in include light jogging, skipping ropes, walking, dynamic stretching, or jumping jacks, to mention a few.

5.   Mix your exercises

There are various exercise routines you could indulge in based on your fitness goals. To ensure that you get the desired results and that you do not overstress a single muscle group, which could result in injuries, you should consider combining your exercises. For instance, you could combine overhead press, bicep curls, and reverse crunch routines to exercise your shoulders, biceps, and abdominal muscles. This will not only help you achieve your goals faster, but it will also break the monotony of repetition.

6.   Be consistent

You cannot achieve optimal results from your workout with minimal effort. Be sure to schedule regular workout sessions and stick to your plan. This way, you will feel the burn and increase your stamina.

Ensure that you also rest for a day or two between your workouts. This allows your muscles to replenish their energy stores and recover in readiness for the next workout session.

7.    Have a workout partner

The chances of abandoning a workout routine are high when exercising independently. You should consider getting a relative or friend who wants to establish a healthier lifestyle to work out with you. Some of the benefits of having a workout partner include;

  • Staying motivated
  • Having a friendly competition
  • Regular workout routine
  • Accountability
  • It is more fun
  • You will be more adventurous
  • Validation

8.   Keep track of your progress

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated throughout your workout routines is by keeping track of your progress. When you determine your accomplishments, you feel encouraged to push even further.

Tracking your progress also helps you determine your performance. This way, you can adjust your workout routines to steer towards achieving your fitness goals. You could use mobile phones, wearable devices, or the traditional pen and paper to keep track of your progress.

9.   Pay attention to pain

While it’s normal to feel some discomfort when you first start to work out, be sure to pay attention to any discomfort that is out of the ordinary. If you experience prolonged pain and aches, you need to stop and rethink your strategy. Whatever the reason might be, you need to identify your source of pain and fix it before proceeding.


Regular workouts play a crucial role in keeping fit and healthy. Consider implementing the above expert tips to make the most of your workout routine.

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