9 Elements of Your Home That Can Be Updated With Smart Technology


Smart technology has become immensely popular as of late. It allows for lower bills, smaller environmental impacts, and greater convenience. Fortunately, this technology is also becoming far more accessible. Because of this, you may be considering upgrading your home with smart tech. While this is certainly exciting, it might be difficult to navigate. So, here are nine elements of your home that can be upgraded with smart technology.

1. Power Outlets

It’s common to charge devices for too long. However, doing so risks causing a fire or worse. If this is a mistake you or your housemates tend to make, you might consider using a smart power outlet. This device allows users to control plugs without manual work. If something is done charging, you can turn off the appropriate socket from your phone. Some smart power outlets will automatically turn sockets off once a device is charged. Many also have safety measures to avoid any overheating.

2. Lighting

You’ve likely learned to turn lights off after exiting a room. However, you might forget to do so sometimes. While this forgetfulness is perfectly natural, it can cause your electric bill to become worrisomely high. You may also be concerned about how this affects the environment. This is where smart lighting can come in handy. While not all smart lights are the same, most can be automated to turn on and off at certain times. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about keeping a light on for too long. Some smart lights can also adjust to the room’s natural lighting. For instance, if it’s sunny in the afternoon, your lights may dim.

3. Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer a way to automate your HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning) system. Most allow users to, similar to programmable thermostats, set certain temperatures for various times of the day. Smart thermostats can also be adjusted from a separate device. Some even make automatic changes when a room gets too hot or cold. Using these thermostats may help you to utilize less energy and thereby save money.

4. Locks

Many people are prone to losing keys or forgetting to lock up. Smart locks solve these problems by putting the control onto your phone. Essentially, most smart locks are connected to an app that can be downloaded onto your phone. Once this is done, you may have the ability to unlock your door from any location. Some smart locks also send reminders to keep you from forgetting to lock up.

5. Water 

There are many ways to control your water usage with smart technology. One popular method is getting a smart shower. Smart showers generally allow you to set preferred temperatures, water pressures, and durations. You could also try getting a smart toilet. While these devices have several popular qualities, many stand out for conserving water. If you’re looking for smart water systems outside of the bathroom, you can try using a smart water faucet. Most of these faucets let you automate how much water should be dispensed.

6. Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors can be used to keep your home safe from far away. Essentially, most of these detectors will send you a notification when any smoke appears. This allows you to react to the situation as quickly as possible. Many smart smoke detectors may also send notifications when the battery is low. Since having a deficient smoke detector can be a safety hazard, this is particularly important.

7. Doorbells

Similar to smart locks, smart doorbells provide an extra safety measure for your doors. Most smart doorbells function by notifying you when someone’s at the door. Oftentimes, you can then open the door through a phone app. For an extra bit of security, some of these doorbells allow the user access to an outside camera. This lets you see who exactly is at the door, even if you’re not at home.

8. Shades

Other than providing convenience, smart window shades can be helpful in terms of security. Generally, smart blinds allow users to open and close window shades from any location. This can let you seem like you’re at home during a vacation. Smart shades are also useful for your energy bill. If you automate your shades to come down when the sun is out, you may be able to avoid using the HVAC system too much. Read more about https://techktimes.com/

9. Security Cameras

If you’re particularly worried about security, smart security cameras can be highly effective. These cameras will generally allow you to view footage from any location. Some of these devices will also send alerts if a certain camera catches movement. Because of this, having smart security cameras both inside and outside of your house may be wise.

Once you’ve updated your home, you may want to pair everything together for ease of use. This can be done by using a home assistant device. When that’s done, all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your smart home.

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