8 Ways To Enjoy The Holiday Season With Your Cat


With all the glory that comes with the holiday season, it’s easy for pets to feel overlooked amidst the busyness. After this long year, it’s only right to close out 2020 by spending some time safely at home with your pets and loved ones. I know it can be hard to make sure your pet feels special through the holidays but don’t worry, even the most grumpy of kitties are sure to enjoy these holiday perks.

There are plenty of things you can do to get your cat in the festive mood and include them in some of your seasonal traditions. Here are 8 ways for how to enjoy this holiday season with your cat because, well, you both deserve it!

1) Quality Play Time

We all know it’s easy to get wrapped up with holiday shopping and house decorating, but your cat wants to feel the love too! Whether you’re quarantining for Kwanzaa or cooped up for Christmas, your pet will be so grateful to have some extra time to spend with you.

Cat’s are content with a night spent curled up next to you while you binge your favorite show but don’t be afraid to venture into new ways of play and quality time with your kitty. Dust off some of those old toys or take them out for some time in the snow this year if they seem excited to explore!

A little goes a long way for some cats so even 15 minutes of extra playtime a day will mean a lot to your pet.

2)  Decorate The House With Them

If your cat can handle being around the fragile holiday decor allow them to accompany you while you set up around the house. They will love to lounge while watching you hang ornaments and pull out the festive pillows.

Don’t forget to reward your pet with a treat after good behavior during the decorating process! My kitty was so good when we set up the tree this year which earned him some bonus treats for being calm and collected. It may even be worth something to put up some holiday cat decor to make your kitty feel extra special this season!

3) Holiday Feast

It’s normal to put on a couple of pounds over the holidays! Well, maybe not that much for our cats but who says they can’t enjoy some of the treats with us? Providing your cat with a dream dinner or even spending some time baking holiday pet treats is a fun and interactive activity you can do with them.

Even if they just lay there and watch you get your hands dirty, this is a great way to include your cat in the holiday fun by whipping something up together and also giving them a tasty reward in the end. Your kitty will love a look-a-like cookie to snack on after a filling feast.

4) Make Their Bed Extra Cozy

Nothing will make your cat feel more warm and fuzzy than a cozy sleeping spot. It can get cold for some pets during these months so keep it in mind to provide extra plush toys or pillows for your cat’s enjoyment. Just turn on the TV and it will be smooth sailing, they will be so happy to lay in their “spot” while you’re snuggled up in yours.

5) Give Back To Other Animals

This year has not only been tough for us but also for all the sweet animals in the shelters and rescues across the world. Take some time this year to give back to pets who aren’t so lucky to spend the holidays with a family by making a donation to your local shelter.

By giving back with a donation of toys, food, or money this season you will be proving something special for animals in need who are still looking for forever homes. Reach out to your local shelter or pet charity of your choice to make a happy and helpful contribution.

6) Get Them A Gift

If your celebrated holiday includes a gift exchange then don’t forget about your kitty! Maybe it’s time to toss the old yarn ball and get your kitty a new toy for the season to keep them feeling excited!

You will be able to include your cat in the holiday fun by gifting them a cheesy Christmas sweater or even a new litter box! Your cat can enter the new year with a lovely automatic litter box and know that they’ll never have to step into a dirty litter box again. With a self-cleaning, hooded litter box like the AutoEgg, your cat will be more than excited to try out their sleek new cat gadget.

7) Take Them On A Trip

Whether a long trip or short trip, try to give your cat a little adventure this season if they are up for a car ride. Even just a drive through the neighborhood lights or a winter hike for the more adventurous cats will bring so much joy to your furry friends this season. For shipping your cat, you can take the help of a transport company. Often this is the best way to move your cat if you are going for a distant trip. 

If your cat doesn’t mind being in the car this can be a great thing to get them out of the house but away from the cold. Seeing some new scenery and wildlife from gazing out the window may bring your pet a lot of excitement.

8) Holiday Photoshoot

A great way to include your cat in your classic holiday traditions is with a good old fashioned photo shoot. Sometimes being overlooked when it comes to activities can be a downer for your pet so let’s not forget about them. Let your kitty join in on the fun of perhaps making a great Christmas card this year! Dress them in holiday attire for some extra sparkle or let them rock out as themselves for a memorable 2020 photograph. After your little model kitty strikes a pose, reward them with a treat!

No matter what holidays you are celebrating this year, there are so many ways to include your cat in the fun of it all. Fill their hearts with joy through interactive activities, a winter adventure, or with some fresh catnip as a seasonal treat!

Whatever you do just don’t forget about them this holiday season because we can all use a little extra joy after this wild year. Use any or all of these tips on how to spend the holiday season with your cat and it will make them feel so special. Meowy Christmas! Even you could make your cat feel more warm in holiday by using warm clothes.

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