8 Unique Group Activity Ideas This Summer


Are you looking for unique ways to get together with your friends or extended family this summer? Want to get your employees out for some fun team-building activities that will allow them to get to know each other in a more casual setting?

Summertime offers the most enjoyable chance to spend time with friends outside. Oftentimes in the winter and the spring, you’re looking for great indoor group activity ideas to avoid the cold or rain.

But when the sun is out, and the temperatures are up, there’s no reason to stay indoors. Whether you want to get out into nature or enjoy what your city has to offer, there are plenty of great team-building ideas for the summer months.

Keep reading for eight fun group ideas to try this summer. 

1. Sunrise Hike

What’s the best way to kick off a summer full of fun? Try going on a sunrise hike. 

Sure, waking up early isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But even if they are groggy, waking up predawn, they’ll be glad they did it once they are on top of a hill watching the sun come up.

It truly is a magical experience, even if you just stay in your own town. Find a nearby trail that offers some degree of elevation, with views facing eastward to truly enjoy the colors of the sunrise.

Plan the hike so that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the official sunrise. Bonus points if you bring breakfast treats and coffee for everyone to share.

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2. Kayaking

Nobody hates paddling down a beautiful river on a warm summer afternoon. Better yet, when you are surrounded by your friends, making this one of the best group activities.

Most paddle-worthy rivers near major cities will have watersports operators nearby. You can rent kayaks or multi-person canoes for everyone in the group. 

They will drive you to the starting point and pick you back up once you reach the end of your paddle, making for an easy logistical outing. 

3. Paintball

Looking for unique group activity events outdoors? Try taking your team or group of friends paintballing. 

It offers the one-of-a-kind experience of getting tactical, hiding behind broken-down cars and trees, and shooting others in a safe and responsible way.

Sure, it can hurt a little bit to get hit. Just remind everyone to wear loose-fitting clothing to provide padding against the impact of the paintballs. You’ll get to see your friends under a different kind of pressure than they’ve probably ever experienced, but it’s all in good fun.

Check out paintballdeals.com to stock up on gear before your outing, so you don’t have to rent as much. 

4. Glamping

Looking for an overnight adventure with your group? Ditch the fancy downtown hotels for a night and go glamping.

Glamping is a much more comfortable way of camping, often with large canvas tents or yurts, offering modern comforts like large beds and bathrooms. Yet, these glamping resorts tents or cabins are often located in the woods or near a lake, allowing for plenty of outdoor recreation.

When you are done with a day of hiking or paddling around a lake, light up a campfire outside your luxury tent and roast some smores. And hopefully, you brought some wine to share. 

5. Lakeside Lodge

Looking for a little less rustic and a little more comfort and amenities? Consider staying overnight at a wilderness lodge.

These feel more like hotels but are still located out in nature. You can usually find a lodge located next to a lake, allowing you to spend your day boating, paddling, or swimming before meeting up in the lodge restaurant for a hot meal without having to cook. 

This is one of the best ways to enjoy a single night or even an entire week with extended family or friends you haven’t seen in a while. 

6. Winery Hopping

Nothing beats sipping on wine in the middle of a beautiful vineyard on a late summer evening. Well, nothing except doing that over and over again.

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Find an area where multiple wineries are located near each other like Langhome Creek. Spend a day hopping from winery to winery, enjoying wine food and wine tasting, tours of the facility, and hands-on demonstrations of how to make wine.

Just make sure to have someone drive you home after a long day of drinking wine or book a hotel or BNB near your final stop. 

7. Beer and Bike Touring

What’s better than spending a day riding bikes with friends? Riding bikes from brewery to brewery with your friends.

If you’re in an area with an abundance of craft breweries, which is much of the country these days, you easily piece together bike rides of any length, stringing together multiple craft breweries and taprooms along the way. 

So not only will you fill your belly with carbs from delicious beer, pizza, and burgers, but you’ll get a nice workout to balance it out. 

You can make it an overnight bike touring experience by adding a campground or bed and breakfast along the way. And it’s easiest if you plan a loop so that you eventually end at the same spot you started in, making for straightforward logistics. 

8. Disc Golf

Looking for fun and relaxing activities you can do close to home? Disc golf is a casual way to hang out with friends or coworkers outside. 

It’s much more enjoyable and approachable than regular golf. And there’s no just dress code and no fees that you need to pay. Most disc golf courses are located at public parks.

If you play an entire round of disc golf, it’s kind of like taking a hike while playing a game along the way. But you can also place a bet and have the loser buy dinner or drinks afterward. Talk about a win-win. 

Group Activity Ideas are Better In the Summer

No matter the season, there are always fun and enjoyable group activity ideas available. There’s no need to wait until a specific season before you can plan outings.

But one thing is certain; most people like spending time outside in the summer. Therefore, it might just make for the best time of the year to get that group of family or friends together.

Looking for more ideas like this? Visit our blog today to keep reading. 

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