8 Things You Should Have To Maximize Your Narrow Bathroom Space


It has been a common problem for homeowners regarding storage spaces in their homes. One part of the house that might need more space in the bathroom. There are several things you need to store in a bathroom, extra space would be a great help. But what if you just don’t have the space to properly organize your bathroom?

This shortage may leave you feeling frustrated sometimes and a bit helpless due to not being able to store your bathroom-related things properly. But not to worry since this article will help you find a way to solve this predicament. Here are 8 helpful and simple tips for utilizing your bathroom space to its fullest potential.

1. Bathroom shelves

Bathroom shelves are good alternatives to bathroom cabinets. It can accommodate more spaces, which can also add a bit of design to your bathroom. Bathroom shelves are also easy to install and adjust comparing it to a bathroom cabinet. You can store your toiletries and towels as well as memorabilia or plants to spice up your bathroom experience.

2. Putting an Organizer

Organizers are a great help if your bathroom has too many things. With the organizer, you can classify or group your things to a more manageable size, such as classifying a vanity kit that is kept in a basket and taking it out when you need it. Organizers come in a lot of shapes and sizes, depending on what you need.

3. Towel Racks

Towel racks are a must-have to a bathroom. Usually, tower racks can only accommodate one to two pieces of towels, but new models have a built-in shelf combined with different hooks to maximize the space where you will install the rack. Installation of the towel rack can also minimize the breeding ground of mold and germs by letting the towel air dry.

4. Shower Niche

The next tip is installing a shower niche. If ever that you’re planning to renovate your bathroom or a part of it, then putting a shower niche would be a great choice. But first, what is a shower niche? A shower niche is a space that is carved out of the bathroom wall. This space can store toiletries that you are using in a shower. It can also be where you can put your ornaments or scented candles to elevate the bathroom experience.

5. Portable Bathroom Cabinet

There are several bathroom cabinets available in the market, and one type of these is a portable one. It is a convenient cabinet in which you can move to the space available in your bathroom. It also has several size options to choose from, thus maximizing the available floor space in your bathroom.

6. Assigning a Cleaning Supply Closet.

This is somewhat the same with putting an organizer in your bathroom but on a bigger scale. Some of us have no supply closets in our homes and if there is, sometimes they are full of equipment used to clean the house, the space for these cleaning supplies or cleaning tools can sometimes be accommodated in a bathroom space. Since most cleaning supplies are used in a bathroom, it is also convenient to place them in the same room.

7. Dual Purpose Mirror and Medicine cabinet.

Multipurpose is also a plus when it comes to maximizing space, like the Dual purpose mirror that can also be a medicine cabinet. This furniture may seem old fashion, but it is very functional. Nowadays, the dual-purpose medicine cabinet has been remodeled to fit the preference of the people. Although it may cost you a bit more, the convenience and efficiency it brings are phenomenal.

8. Suctions Hooks and Hook type Shelves

With our last tip, we have suction hooks and hook-type shelves. Normally, this is used in bathrooms with tiling and, of course, space on the tiled wall. This shelf is hooked in the suctions, thus creating a free-fall concept with the wall as its support. It is also usually put beside the wall near the shower area and acts like a shower niche where you can put your shower products. It can also be placed anywhere on the bathroom wall and act as an organizer for your other things.

In Conclusion

Storage is a must when it comes to being a homeowner. Every space that can double as storage is always a great help, especially if this space can be found in the bathroom. With the tips presented, it can provide an improvement towards storage space in your bathroom. Every situation may vary from case to case, some may work, and some may not. But what is important is that you have the option to choose the tips more fitting for you. For more bathroom inspiration, you can check out Storables.com!

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