8 socially distanced date ideas


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the dating scene with many people not being able to meet new people for months. This has meant a range of creative ways to date, as well as a few normal dates as restrictions eased.

If you’re still slightly concerned with meeting new people while Covid-19 is still present in society, you might be looking for a way to date in a socially distanced way. Keeping yourself safe from the virus and still being able to date is actually much easier than expected.

We’ve done some research into some fantastic socially distanced date ideas, and we’ve gathered all our research here below. Check it out now to get inspired, and always remember to test before you head out on a date to stop the spread! A quick Google of Buy antigen test kits UK and you can get a kit winging its way to your door in no time at all.

Movie night in your backyard

You’ve heard of drive-in movie theatres, so what about backyard movie theatres? Whether you rent a projector and set up a cinema screen, or huddle around your laptop under a blanket, the airflow outside can help to keep you much safer than sitting indoors or at the cinema!

Pop on your favourite film and get to know your date while keeping a safe distance.

Picnic in the park

Pack up a hamper and a blanket and head down to your local park for a day of getting to know each other in a safe way. A picnic in the park is a fun way of sharing some food and some memories while protecting yourself form the spread of the virus.

Though perhaps suited more to the summer months, as long as you’ve got your coat on, you can picnic at any time of the year!


Stargazing is a romantic and interesting way to get to know somebody. With hundreds of apps to help you see constellations and their stories, this could be an educational evening as well as a fun one!

Check online to find the best places to stargaze in your area and head out on a clear night to get the best view of the sky!

Go boating

Paddle boats aren’t just for romantic films, now they’re for real life dating too. Head down to your local lake, rent a paddle boat and head out on the water to get to know each other in a safe way!

The boat doesn’t necessarily have to be a paddle boat, you could kayak too for instance, but water sports can be a fun and safe way to get to know someone as we come to the end of the pandemic.

Go for a hike

Why not look up some interest hiking trails in your local area, pull on your walking boots, and head out for some exercise while getting to know someone new? You will get to see some great scenery, get your steps in, and stay safe from covid-19 as you hike your way to knowing someone better.

Go fishing

Whether you’ve tried it before or you’re completely new to the activity, going fishing with someone new could be a really unique way to get to know them and could help you create some memories as you learn a new skill.

Do some research and look up the basics before you head out and settle in for a relaxing day of fishing.

Videogame camp

Ever wanted to play video games in your back garden? Why not set up a tent (keeping the sides open) with all of your favourite games and have a games competition in your back garden?

This can be done socially distanced and is a great way to show your date how competitive you are!

Have a barbecue

Show off those mad barbecuing skills and impress your date with some homecooked food while maintaining your distance and staying safe from Covid-19. A barbecue is a great way to ensure airflow on your date and can offer a great way to meet up, especially if you’re a foodie! For more date ideas, you can always consult a dating coach who will help you date authentically.

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