8 Reasons Why Trading Is Better Than Investing


It’s true that trading offers higher risks, but there is also much bigger reward potential. There are plenty of reasons why trading is better than investment. It can be a lot more fun and rewarding. You don’t have to worry about the market crashing or losing your money. In fact, you can make it rain and play unlimited real money mobile casino games!

1) More Fun and Freedom

If you love playing poker, then you will enjoy trading stocks. The thrill of winning big is just as exciting as the thrill of losing. When you trade, you get to win big on small investments. And when you lose, you get to learn from your mistakes.

2) Higher Reward Potential 

When you invest, you hope for a high return on your investment. However, if you trade, you can actually earn a profit even with a low initial investment. This is because you can buy shares at very cheap prices.

3) No Risk Of Loss 

When you invest, you risk losing all your money. If you invest $100, you could end up with only $90 after a year. But when you trade, you never lose any money. Your initial investment remains intact.

4) Flexibility 

You can choose how long you want to hold an asset. For example, you can decide whether to sell your online gambling sa stock immediately or wait until later. With trading, you can always change your mind.

5) Lower Taxes 

You can save taxes by investing through mutual funds and ETFs. But with trading, you can avoid paying capital gains tax.

6) Less Stress 

Investment involves lots of paperwork and research. You need to find out which fund to invest in, what the best time to purchase is, and so on. On the other hand, trading is easy and stress-free.

7) Easier to Learn 

Investment requires lots of study and practice. But trading is easier to learn. All you need to do is follow some basic rules and formulas.

8) More Control Over Your Money 

With trading, you control your own destiny. You can decide where to put your money. You can use leverage to increase your profits.

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