8 Outdoor Activities to do this Summer to Get Back into Shape


Schools out, the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing – summer is here. Beach days and outdoor sports are around the corner, and there’s no better time or reason to get back into a tip-top shape other than the warm sunshine.

Most associate fitness with running or weights, but there are many other activities to consider now that we can stretch our muscles outside.

There are activities you can try your hand out this summer and affordable ways to get any gear you may need.

Buying Active Gear

With all the activity options available comes a lot of options for fitness gear and equipment. Suppose you don’t know where to go to find what you need. In that case, you can use a shopping directory like Shopping Canada to find the nearest athletic stores to you easily and identify ones currently having promotions. Spend less time indoors looking for shops and more time outdoors getting back into peak fitness shape.

Fun Summer Activities

Picking up a new hobby is thrilling for everyone, and one of these activities might be your new go-to.


Tennis is a timeless sport played all around the world. All this sport requires is a tennis racket, a tennis ball and a court, which you can find in most suburban towns. Tennis requires agility, quick thinking and seamless movements.

Jump Rope

Jump rope may be a childhood fan favorite, but it also has a lot of cardio benefits. A study says that jumping rope for ten minutes is as beneficial as jogging at an eight-minute per mile pace. It also happens to be the most convenient and affordable type of activity.


Soccer is accessible to all and allows you to work on your foot coordination along with your cardio. This sport is a fun way to be competitive with friends without requiring much equipment aside from a soccer ball. One of many reasons why soccer is beloved worldwide is because you can play on any surface.


Get on the open road with any bike and a helmet. We also suggest the mini sling bag because it’s small, lightweight, and can be worn 3 different ways. Cycling is a great way to see a new area while also getting cardio in. If you have a mountain bike, there are challenging trails all over for those who seek a little thrill in their activities.


There are many fun exercises you can do on a trampoline. These exercises will challenge you while boosting your cardio and balance and relieving stress. This summer activity does require one of the pricier items on this list, but it’s a one-time purchase for everyone.


Swimming is the only activity that requires nothing but open water and maybe a lifeguard. This summer activity is a full-body workout while exercising your muscles and decreasing stress.

Beach Volleyball

Mix in the sun and sand, and you’ve got volleyball. This beach sport is a great team activity that works on stamina, strength training and coordination. All you need for this sport is a volleyball and a net found at most beaches.


An activity that isn’t always associated with fitness is dancing. Dancing can be done regardless of your location but requires cardio, stamina and balance. For those who don’t have a space to dance, summer is the perfect opportunity to go outside. Put your dancing shoes on, some music, and dance away your stress.

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