8 Different Types of Podcasts You can Implement for your Business


Picking the perfect podcasting type or format is often challenging for many businesses. There are different types of podcasts, and you wonder which would improve your brand’s authority.

The best approach is studying your target audience and imagining what podcast content strategy they will love to hear. You should also check what competitors within the same niche are doing and introduce something different.

Therefore, this article guides understanding the different types of podcasts you can implement for your business. We also recommend clicking here to discover an excellent podcast network hosting.

How to choose a podcast type for your business

The perfect podcasting type will depend on your target listeners and proposed podcast topics. The internal communications podcast ideas must interest them. Your choice of topic will then decide what podcasting type or format would work best.

For instance, an interview podcasting style would fit controversial topics and generate many different views. That’s the best way to get maximum engagements, and using a solo format would give a far different result.

Types of podcasts: Different podcasting formats to implement for business

Find out the difference between the available podcasting formats and how to implement them for your business. We’ve compiled 8 different ones for you to choose from.

1.   Solo podcasts

Otherwise referred to as the monologue podcast, the solo podcast show has one host speaking for the entirety of the corporate podcast episode. It is easy, so solo podcasting formats are encouraged among beginners.

In addition, the solo podcasting format is flexible and works perfectly with any topic. You don’t need much previous experience on how to record a podcast with someone remotely. Issues concerning booking guests or co-hosts are also absent.

All required is setting up a big recording space, getting podcasting equipment, hitting record, and making things happen at your pace. However, it is essential to have adequate expertise about the podcast topic.

2.   Co-hosted or conversational podcasts

This type usually involves two podcast hosts. Now, the hosts might invite guests or not – it’s not compulsory. What is important is that they get along so well.

They must be experts at conveying corporate podcast ideas in the most complimentary manner. There usually needs to be a script since it is expected that the hosts should improvise and discuss the topics almost as if they come naturally to them. Co-hosted podcast topics should be entertaining or something about the latest trends.

The common challenge is when the host resides in different cities. They have to record separately and combine the content.

3.   Interview podcasts

The interview podcast is very similar to the co-hosted podcasts, except that guests are compulsory this time. An interview podcast could also have just a host or two, but the choice of topics varies.

Interview podcasts feature conflicting topics of interest, like politics, sports, or controversial opinions. The hosts conduct proper research and compile questions that propel the guests in the intended direction of the conversation.

It seems easy on the surface view, but lots of planning is required to bring out the best in guests.

4.   Storytelling podcasts

Do you have a flair for storytelling? If yes, this podcast type is for you. It involves one or two hosts sharing first-hand non-fictional experiences with their valued listeners. It’s difficult to run out of internal communications podcast ideas if you’re the type that loves to narrate happenings to others.

Use actual occurrences to explain a topic to your employees, prospects, or targeted listeners. Some people also refer to storytelling formats as the investigative podcast type because you must verify every fact or lose your audience’s trust.

5.   Panel shows

You can also call it the roundtable podcast. It’s best for your business if you want to implement a small-family-like show. Instead of inviting guests, you will have a group of hosts (2, 3, 4, or even more) passionate about discussing the different podcasting topics.

It is excellent for amassing a loyal following, especially listeners who love the topics or manner of presentation. Old viewers might even start to pick up personality jokes based on the accumulated knowledge of the presenters.

One host anchors the show and oversees how the other hosts argue to agree eventually. It is dependent on the collective efforts of the hosts.

6.   Theatrical podcasts

Imagine organizing a business podcast show where you tell a fictional story to entertain your listeners. That’s a theatrical podcast!

It could have a single host or multiple voices, depending on how you want the story to play out. You could even add matching sound effects to give a full theatrical experience to the listeners. Lesser research is required since the episodes are fictional.

7.   Repurposed podcasts

Repurposed podcasts are easier when you consider you don’t have to do lots of research for corporate podcast ideas. The content is a reuse of existing content from published blogs, recorded materials, social media channels, etc.

Therefore, we can view repurposed podcasts for businesses as an attempt to reach more target audiences that love audio content. Some editing is often required, and we recommend adding new ideas to make the content fresh for existing audiences or customers.

8.   Hybrid podcasts

Hybrid podcasts are great if you want to try something unique and creative and give your audience much value for their time. It’s a more flexible format where you mix the idea of the different podcast types we have discussed. You could even think outside the box and present something entirely new.

For instance, start the show as an interview podcast with guests, switch to a solo format halfway, and change back to the guests to round up. With hybrid podcasting, the possibilities are endless, and it’s up to how creative you are.


That’s all about the different types of podcasts you can implement for your business. Choosing one depends on your niche, podcast topics, and the content the audience will love.

Hence, there might be a trial of which podcast type generates more conversion. It’s perfectly okay. Just be sure you implement your preferred podcast type or format correctly.

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