8 Benefits of Knitting as a Hobby


At some point every daily routine needs something new to help keep life interesting. Afterall, how exciting can each day be if we know exactly what to expect and what we’ll be doing. There’s no need to go thrill seeking or gamble to feel a rush, something as simple as picking up a new hobby can make all the difference from one day to the next.

With current times asking us to play our part in social distancing, a stimulating and attention holding hobby to do our own is a must. That’s why now is the perfect time to pick up knitting, the hobby with benefits that keep on giving. Any age is the right age to start knitting and enjoying all this craft has offer.

Now without further ado, let’s get into 8 benefits of knitting as a hobby!

  1. A Break from Life’s Demands

Even a consistent, well versed routine can be demanding. No matter what life throws your way, there should always be some time each day dedicated to you. Use knitting as a way to take a break, whether it’s 15-minutes or an hour, picking up this hobby helps to encouragea little “you time” every day.

  1. Release Stress

Knitting is a wonderful outlet to help release stress. The repetition of knitting helps your brain to relax and lower levels of stress. A little knitting each day will help to keep stress at bay!

  1. Prevent Bad Habits

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of wasting free time by scrolling social media, binge watch shows, or even going outside for a smoke break. Help avoid continuing bad habits by filling that free time with knitting.

  1. Reinforce Patience

In a world where immediate satisfaction is almost always a guarantee, it can be hard to instill patience when the time comes for us to wait for what we want. Knitting is a great way to help learn the virtue of patience by teaching yourself a new creative skill, even if it takes some time to get the hang of.

  1. Build Self Esteem

The generation of memes has turned being introverts into something humorous and relatable, but that doesn’t mean we should encourage ourselves to stay closed off. Pick up knitting as a way to build self-esteem by achieving something you didn’t even know was possible.

  1. Improve Focus

Taking up a hobby like knitting is a great way to help improve focus through a creative outlet. With endless knitting patterns to try, this hobby has no shortage of projects to help workout your brain.

  1. Challenge Yourself

There’s no better way to keep things interesting than to do something challenging. Knitting will help you to learn a new and exciting skill that will challenge you as your ability progresses.

  1. Discover Hidden Talent

Picking up some knitting needles can be intimidating but it’s worth shaking off the nerves and seeing just what you’re capable of. Learn something new about you and see if knitting is your hidden talent!

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