7 Tips for Removing and Replacing a Fire Sprinkler Head Cover 


Fire sprinklers are an essential part of any fire safety plan. They keep buildings and homes safe from fires and warn people quickly about possible dangers. 

Fire sprinklers, on the other hand, can get clogged with things like leaves, grass, dirt, and dust. This could cause problems with water flow and stop the sprinkler system from working right. During routine fire safety inspections these problems need to be identified and addressed properly.

A fire sprinkler’s head cover can also get broken or worn down over time. If the head cover gets too small, water can’t get through it. And if there are holes or tears in the head cover, it could leak water onto nearby surfaces. 

So, what do you do if you need to change the cover on a fire sprinkler head? Here are seven tips that will help you take off and put back on a fire sprinkler cover. 

#1. Remove the Fire Sprinkler Headcover 

First, you’ll need to take off the old headcover for the fire sprinkler. To do this, take off the sprinkler headcover’s top cap. Then take the bottom plate off. Then, pull the headcover off the pipe. 

Then, you’ll need to disconnect the wires from the sprinkler wellhead cover and take the screws out of the base that hold the headcover in place. Lastly, you’ll have to clean up the area around the sprinkler headcover to make sure nothing is left. 

#2: Clean the area around the sprinkler headcover

Before you can put on the new fire sprinkler headcover, you’ll need to clean the area around the old one very well. Wash the area with soap and warm water. After you wash the area, make sure to rinse it. 

Then, use a towel to dry the area. Be careful not to let the area dry out completely, or the sprinkler headcover may get damaged when you put it back on. 

#3. Install the New Fire Sprinkler Headcover 

After cleaning the area around the fire sprinkler headcover, you’ll need to put the new headcover on the pipe. First, screw the sprinkler headcover’s top cap back on and make sure it fits tightly. 

Next, put the sprinkler head cover on the bottom plate. Last, connect the wires to the sprinkler wellhead cover set and tighten the screws. 

#4. Test the Water Flow Through the Fire Sprinkler Pipe 

After putting on the new fire sprinkler cover, check the flow of water through the pipe. Turn on the faucets near the sprinkler headcover until water flows freely. 

If the water isn’t flowing smoothly, you might need to move the sprinkler headcover the pipes. For example, you may need to raise the sprinkler headcover higher than usual. 

#5. Adjust the Position of the Fire Sprinkler Cover 

To move the sprinkler head cover, loosen the screws that hold it to the pipe. Then, move the sprinkler headcover up or down until the water flows smoothly. Once you’ve changed where the sprinkler headcover is, put the screws back on. Make sure they are tight. 

#6. Replace the Old Fire Sprinkler Headcover set 

You’ll need a replacement set to replace the old fire sprinkler headcover. Before you buy one, think about the following: 

  • How much room is there between the cover for the sprinkler head and the wall? 
  • Is there enough space between the ceiling and the sprinkler headcover? 
  • Does the sprinkler head cover fit securely? 
  • Are there any things in the way that would stop the water from moving? 
  • Is there a special tool you need to buy to put on the sprinkler headcover? 
  • What type of material should the sprinkler headcover be made out of? 
  • Does the sprinkler headcover work well when it’s cold? 
  • Can you use the same size sprinkler headcover as the original? 
  • How often do you plan to change the sprinkler headcover in your building? 

Contact your local hardware store if you’re not sure if you need a certain type of sprinkler headcover. 

#7. Reinstall the Old Fire Sprinkle headcover 

Reinstalling the old fire sprinkler cover is similar to removing it. First, stop the flow of water to the sprinkler head. Then, unscrew the sprinkler head cover’s top cap and take the bottom plate off. Pull the sprinkler headcover away from the pipe. 

Next, take it off the base and disconnect the wires that are attached to it. Last, use soap and warm water to clean the area around the old sprinkler head cover. Use a towel to dry the area, then carefully put the sprinkler headcover back on the pipe. Before you turn the water back on, don’t forget to check the flow of water through the pipe. 


Have you ever had to take a fire sprinkler head cover off or put a new one on? If so, you know that the process can be hard and take a lot of time. This article showed you how to take off and put on a fire sprinkler head cover with as little trouble as possible. If you just follow our easy steps, you’ll be able to finish your work in no time. Thanks for stopping by!

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