7 Steps to Successfully Renovate Your Bathroom


Do you like your bathroom?

Is the layout okay? Is it aesthetically pleasing?

Or…do you have a few ideas of how it could be better?

In that case, a bathroom renovation is just what you need! Turn your bathroom into a room that you can truly say you like. Here are the steps to do it! If your needs are of a commercial nature you should seek specialists in commercial bathroom stalls. In that case, consider One Point Partitions for a practical and convenient bathroom layout.

1. Logistics

It’s fun to dive into all the creative stuff and just get to work on renovating your bathroom. But, before you do that, take a step back. Get the logistics out of the way first.

Understand how long your renovation will take. It will probably be a few weeks at minimum. If your home has only one bathroom, you’ll have to figure out an alternate bathroom in the meantime.

If you plan to move things around, you will likely need a permit for anything that requires structural changes. Your renovator can help you determine if you need one in your area or not.

2. Set Your Budget

It is wildly easy for a bathroom renovation budget to quickly get out of hand. Decide what you are willing to spend on it before you go shopping.

Once you do, keep your budget in mind and choose items and materials within your price range.

3. Pick a Contractor

Bathroom renovation in Adelaide requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. A variety of tradies come in handy for this job.

For example, you’ll need an electrician for installing electrical fixtures, a plumber (obviously) and painters, tilers, and other tradies for the work. A contractor with all these professionals on their team makes it all easier.

4. Demolition

Gotta get rid of the old before you can put in the new. To save money, some homeowners handle or help with the demolition and don’t forget to salvage what you can.

Also, be sure to have a skip on hand to haul away the unwanted materials.

5. Electric and Plumbing Rough-In

With the walls open, now is the perfect time to replace or install new pipes and wiring for the fixtures in your new bathroom. Don’t forget about where you’ll be placing any new lights and fans for proper ventilation.

6. Install the Fixtures

Once the plasterboard goes back up, it’s time for the exciting part of installing all your new fixtures. Everything goes in — toilet, sink, shower or tub, flooring, cabinets — all the delightful elements that every bathroom should have.

7. Put the Cherries on Top

At this point, your bathroom looks somewhat like a bathroom again. It’s still a bit of a skeleton, though. Your renovator’s job is pretty much done, but you’ll need to add touches like mirrors, towel rails, and decorations to put your mark on the project.

How’s Your Bathroom Now?

What do you think of your bathroom now? Can you answer more confidently that you love the space where you get ready each morning? Congratulations!

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