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7 Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Wall Mount Fan

Ceiling fans are common and almost every house has them, but there are certain spaces in a house where installing a ceiling fan is not an option. For example, kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or any other room where floor space is an issue or the room has a low ceiling. In such spaces, wall mount fans come handy. If you, too, are looking to buy a wall mount fan, here are some points that will help you choose the right wall mount fan for your room.

1. Room Size

The first and most important factor to consider when purchasing a wall mount fan is the size of the room where you need to install the fan. Before you go shopping, make sure you have the measurements handy with you. That’s because the size of fan you buy would depend on the size of the room. Choosing the right fan will help you ensure adequate airflow.

2. Sweep Size

Whether you want to buy a ceiling fan, a wall mount fan or any other fan type, the sweep size is an important factor to consider. Sweep size can be defined as the circular area the fans cover when they are in motion. It is the sweep size that helps determine whether or not the fan will be able to deliver adequate airflow. Usually, a sweep size range of 300 to 400 mm is considered apt for most room sizes.

3. Air Delivery

Air delivery of a wall mount fan is a measure of the volume of air a fan delivers per minute. It is measured in CMM (cubic meters per minute). Prominent brands like Luminous have a wide range of wall mount fans with air delivery ranging from 60 CMM to 100 CMM. Whereas their exhaust fans (a type of wall mount fan used for ventilation) have air delivery as high as 1750 CMM.

4. Fan Speed

The speed of a fan is measured in RPM (Rotations per minute). Typically, table fans may be categorized as High Speed and Normal Speed. The fan speed of a high speed fan is around 370/340 RPM whereas that of a low speed fan is around 330/340 RPM. Note – A high RPM doesn’t guarantee. But, if you want to be sure that a higher speed fan gives a higher air delivery, we suggest you buy from a reputable brand like Luminous.

Also, when buying a wall mount fan look for one that provides variable speed options so that you can change the speed as per the temperature inside your room.

5. Power Consumption

Usually, wall mount fans don’t consume a lot of energy. But, if you still want to be sure of the amount of power a particular wall mount fan consumes, you should check the specifications of the fan for the exact number. Typically, a power consumption range anywhere between 75W to 130W is considered good for a high-speed wall mount fan. Some brands like Luminous also offer low-speed fans with a power consumption as low as 55W.

6. Oscillation Feature

This is one of the most crucial features in a wall mount fan. It allows air delivery in a wider area. And the best part is that if you want to direct the airflow in a particular direction, all you need to do is turn off the oscillation feature. So, if you want to control the oscillation of your wall mount fan, make sure you go with one that comes with an oscillation on and off option.

7. Warranty

It is advisable not to compromise with your wall mount fan’s warranty just to save a bucks. One must buy a fan that comes with at least a 1 year warranty. Buying a warranty will give you peace of mind. If you buy a wall mount fan from Luminous you can expect a warranty upto 2 years.

Luminous is a popular brand known for its innovative and efficient fans designs. Whether you are looking for an energy efficient wall mount fan for your kitchen/bathroom or you want to buy a designer ceiling fan that goes with your home’s decor, Luminous offers it all.

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