7 Fun Things to Do to Get Rid of Cabin Fever


While a cure for Covid-19 is already on the way, staying indoors at this time is still an essential priority. Because of that, something incredibly odd and daunting comes into mind. It’s the fact that most of us have spent more than a year just staying indoors. 

For most of us, cabin fever is an extremely draining problem. The good thing is that there are plenty of indoor activities to do these days that can immediately quell out the harshness of being indoors for a really long time. From starting new hobbies down to finishing your favorite anime by going to the best anime streaming sites out there today, here are a few activities you might want to try to pass the time.

Set a Routine

Being at home all the time even for working is fine and all. But not getting that usual routine down all set for everyday will really mess up and disrupt your daily life, worsening your cabin fever.

While at home, set up activities to do everyday. Each hour of the day should be set for something. Whether it’s important or not, it will be very important for you to identify these activities and plot them out. 

Read a Book

Going old school and reading a book can actually help make you calm and level headed. In addition to helping your imagination run wild with the stories you’re reading. 

If you have a very busy work schedule, a good trick is to at least lay out a schedule for a particular day, like for example, just a few hours of reading on a Sunday afternoon. You can even change it up to targeting a number of pages or a certain amount of chapters per day.

Finish an Anime series

This can be a very easy thing to do at this time. Most especially at a time where there’s nothing much to do. 

Much like picking up a book, being able to watch your favorite anime series at this time will help your mind wander on to different places and stories at the comfort of your own home.

However, you can’t just spend the days watching anime. You also need to do other things. Like the other activities on this list for example.

Try a new recipe

Being stuck at home will make you miss the food you always bought at restaurants. And though there are still delivery services made available after the boom of the pandemic, there is a very definite benefit if you are able to learn and create these recipes all by yourself.

Cooking your own food is an activity that is very gratifying. Mostly because you’ll be able to eat it after. But what it also entails is the fact that you will be able to create food and provide food for yourself without the need to order from other people or establishments. Back to the point, this all basically boils down to learning something new. 

Do some Home Improvement Project

Because of the fact that there is basically an immense amount of time available right now for anything while you are indoors, being able to do some home improvement can be a breeze.

Fun fact, a clean or well maintained home area gives off positive vibes and helps you keep mentally healthy in a way. If you have leaking ceilings or cramped up spaces filled with things that no longer work, this would be a good time to do some decluttering.

Let your Creative Side go Wild

Something productive you can do that’s at the same level of reading a book or watching your favorite show is to create art. What form of art would come out of all of it will be entirely up to you.

Being indoors all the time will help give you more chances to explore your artistic side. If you have a skill for music for example, this can be a time for you to do some ukulele covers you can post on YouTube. If you have a set of unused watercolor sets, this would be an exciting time for you to paint or draw.


If you’ve been working your whole life outdoors and is used to commuting everyday, suddenly getting stuck at home will result in declining health over time. This is mostly because you wouldn’t have to exert much more effort in going to work or doing anything else outdoors.

One thing to remember is to make a conscious effort to do some exercise. 

Doing so will help you avoid things like aching backs and weight gain. But most importantly, it will help you become less prone to anxiety especially at a time like this. 

Conclusion: Keep Busy

As we wait for things to finally go back to normal, the most important thing to keep in mind at this time is to keep a level head. But the trick is to also not over do things. Don’t pile up too many activities to do every day. Pick only those that you can handle, and you’ll be doing just fine.

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