7 Easy Card Tricks to Shuffle the Cards Like a Pro


What’s up guys and welcome back to the car tricks? We’re, going to c7 and card for shifts 7 easy rule accomplishes that start shuffling. You’re playing cards. Maybe while you are playing poker or other card games like a pro, this video is supported by the websites cussing about our can drive down, live in your in the video description, an article that, if you are interested in shuffling your playing cards like a pro, you Must go to rate so let’s.

Stop talking guys on let’s, see the 7 moves, alright guys. So the first move that we’re, going to learn it’s called enhance riffle shuffle, and it looks like that. It’s, the classic shuffle of the plane guards to execute it.

You are going to riffle the bucket with the thumb about the half, and you’re splitting into halves. One half in each hand – and you are gonna – execute this move, but with both hands you’re gonna. Do this little move, it’s, important how the index finger is venting the pocket just helping and allowing the thumbs executing the riffle action.

So the index finger is super important when you are executing before in your hands shuffle. So when you are in this grip and all the cards are mixed or interlaced, you only need to do the bridge I to do.

The bridge is super important, the thumbs, so you are holding both packets like that and with the rest of the fingers. You are bending all creating this beautiful bridge, so the thumbs I said that are important because are holding on the top.

So now you need to release all the cards and that you are going to hear this beautiful sound of mixing by repeat. You are gonna split the bucket in two halves, placing in this grip and then do the ripple I can to the bridge and let the cards mix another beautiful and easy move to shuffle the guts like the pro is the classic table shuffle.

That is this. One that you are watching you’re splitting also in two packets, but now the squaring action is happening in the table, just helping with both hands. So I’m gonna quickly. Explain it, you are splitting the packets notice how the short edges of the pack are drawing like a V.

So now you are replaying using your thumbs and doing this motion. Okay and we are shuffling the guards in the contact point of the V. So we are obtaining, or we’re, getting this beautiful, beautiful motion.

So now all the culture makes and with these fingers with the middle on the ring finger, we are just squaring all the deck. Also, I’m, helping with the thumb, so the complete action would be like that.

I’m shuffling the cards and now I’m. Squaring it’s, one of my favorite and one of the most beautiful and classic ways to shuffle your cards. There’s, another beautiful fish and super easy to do to shuffle the cards like a pro, because the one that you’re watching now – and I call it cool and fast casino table codes.

It’s. Super easy to execute it, and we’re gonna see it. Now we’re, starting holding the bucket with the right middle and thumb and with the same fingers of the other hand, we’re, just splitting pockets in this action, just putting the top pockets on the table.

I like to finish with this beautiful motion in the last pocket, so the complete motion or action would be like this. It is one of the quickest and most elegant way to create a playing cards deck alright guys. Promotion Slot Gambler will help you to play slot like a pro.

So the next move is not a shuffle one, but up spread one. It’s, a beautiful way to display all the playing cards in the table do execute it. You are going to hold the deck with this four finger middle finger here, your ring, the pinky on the thumb and the most important one is going to be the index finger and you’re, going to place it here in this side of the Deck and you are gonna  do a little bit of pressure towards the table.

At the same time, the index finger is going to be the one that is going to release all the playing cards. I’m gonna repeat it just grabbing the deck in this grave, putting in the table and release for a cart.

The speed is important. This move, because if you do the ribbon spread really fast, it’s going to be super. Awesome something that you can do with the ribbon spread is a way if you only need to turn over one of the sides of the spread and with the same index finger.

You are just doing this beautiful beautiful wave. I repeat, it is super beautiful and it’s, one of the most that the lay people appreciate it way more or at mikkel. But this video is about shuffling. Okay, no problem.

You can use two ribbon spreads to shuffle the cards in a really cool and messy way. So I’m, going to explain you now on a cool way to shuffle your cards and it’s. This way that you are watching now it’s.

Super beautiful is a way to put the cards in a really also massive way, using this grip that it’s super easy to do. You only have to place the half of the deck in this position, holding with the thumb and just executing this bending action and when you are doing note how every charge is released in that direction.

So we are taking advantage of this move to do the action of shuffling. So when you are executing this bending action of throwing the cards with the hands in front of each other, we are getting. This beautiful, beautiful shuffle is unexpectable at one.

I’m super easy to do, but it doesn’t, look like alright guys, so we’re gonna talk about one of my favorite Irish. Now that is this. One is a way to also mix the cards, not really shuffling a lot, because we are not doing a super shuffling action.

In fact, we’re just doing I cut, but it looks really beautiful and it’s. Super easy to do. Explain to this move in a past video, but I’m gonna explain the key points. Now we are splitting the pocket in a set group that is a classic solitaire move.

We’re gonna split, also the top pocket. So now we’re gonna grab this such a pocket with the middle and thumb, but not like that, but doing this beautiful rotation and getting in this way. So now we’re, changing the grip of the top pocket from index to middle finger, and now we’re, going to use the index finger to execute this beautiful move.

Now, the beautiful part is that we can’t display all the playing cards in this beautiful beautiful card display. Now we can close it in the easy way and we have a super visual move and last but not the least, we’re gonna talk about some really beautiful moves that you can execute with one playing card.

So this is not a shuffle. They’re. Some beautiful moves that you can do in the table game. For example, when you’re holding a playing card. Imagine a great doing this. It’s, a super beautiful move and all the people is going to be really really amazed with your skills.

So, for example, the first one is the period that is this one. You are gonna. Do this simple action with the playing card? We’re doing this simple action with the flanker achieving this beautiful rotation.

The cool part is that the card is not turning over and I’d like to mention also this beautiful, beautiful tool you don’t need the deck to execute it. You can do it also with one playing card and it’s also a way to Ravel a plane.

For example, you’re, holding one playing card in right hand, you’re, doing a pirouette, you Ravel it and then you place it in the table. It’s, a move that I explained previously. I’m. Gon na talk also with the key points and you’re, holding the deck with these two fingers, and now the ring finger just turned it over.

Also. The pinky is like a pen, spinning action. When you are in this position, you can displayed a little bit and also reverse the move. Is a beautiful, beautiful way to execute that turtle in a playing card, alright guys.

So these were the seven moves that you have to learn if you want to start to shuffle your cards like a pro, if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to hit the like button down below because, as you know, it helps me a Lot, of course, I’m in this video.

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