7 Creative Gift Ideas for Fans of Paw Patrol


Paw patrol is a popular cartoon show among kids and pre-teens.  This cartoon is based on the character, Ryder, a pre-teen and his Seven rescue dogs.  The paw patrol pups are Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and others who work together to protect their community. If you have kids who love this cartoon and are a big fan of all things Patrol Paw, you are on the right review platform! Pay attention as we reveal ultimate PAW PATROL GIFTS for both boys and girls and you will love to swing into action immediately after you finish reading. We have all the gift ideas you need for your paw patrol fan.

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

In these pages, kids can join Ryder and his rescue team on their adventure to protect their hometown/community as   no pup is too small to save the day! Paw Patrol Coloring pages can help kids to take a break from all the TV truck-racing, pups running and get some approved quiet time with the printable coloring pages. The pages have beautiful and attractive images which describe their responsibilities and activities. The Paw Patrol coloring pages contain all the characters and can be colored based on the cartoon colors. The coloring book with matching markers helps kids to color the characters in the paw patrol and earn bonus points on the paper included.

These pages are a fun way for children to develop their imaginative capability, brain development, patience, skills building and concentration. It also helps them to feel more relaxed, explore and have fun while coloring.

Paw Patrol Toys

Paw patrol toys, that is, giant super paws lookout tower playset is a thrill for fans. In the playset, each pup is given superpowers after the landing of a strange meteors in their community, Adventure Bay. Chase has superspeed power, Rubble has super strong power and they all have superhero outfits that look their usual colors. This tower allows kids to have hours of action-filled fun. There are diverse fun filled features and moveable parts on the tower which include telescope, elevator, flip open top, vehicle launcher, and so many more. There are also buttons that can be pressed for lights and sounds and missions to be given to the pup by Ryder.

Paw Patrol soft toys are cuddly, adorable and loved by keen fans. The teddy comes in two styles: there is a chase in uniform holding a flashlight or wearing pyjamas with a light up tummy that kids can choose from in order to have a fun time with their paw patrol. The tummy and flashlights have buttons to be pressed that produce phrases and sounds in the character’s voice. Kids can snuggle up with chase pups and drift off to sleep peacefully with the teddy. The teddy has lights and sounds that are awesome for nap time.

Paw Patrol Tumbler, Plates and Bowl Set

Paw Patrol fans can have an adventurous and enjoyable mealtime with the gangs from their colorful dining set. The plates feature characters such as chase, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, Marshall and chase. The cup, plates and bowls are made from durable plastic which is ideal for helping little children to learn to eat on a dining table. They can also be packed up and taken on holidays or travels. The entire set is easy to wash and microwave safe.

Paw Patrol Clothing

Paw patrol clothing is a great gift idea.

Paw patrol T-shirts are a good gift for a boy or girl as they are in various sizes. It has Chase, Marshall, Rubble and Skye who look ready to go on their mission with the kids wearing the short-sleeved T-shirt. On it is the inscription, ‘Team Players’ and can be worn at any time by kids. The zip-up hoodie is in a range of vibrant colors and features the face of each favorite character’s colors in the cartoon.

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The light up sneaker looks fantastic on the playground and a gift to blow kids minds. Kids can also be cozy with the paw patrol slippers which have fleece inner linings to keep the feet warm. The rubber sole prevents and reduces the risk of slipping or sliding. On the slippers is a Velcro fastening, chase image, puppy tail fixed to the back and that’s why kids love them.

A chase stuffed animal and chenille throw blanket and pillow is a two-in-one gift that enables kids to have their favorite characters with them while asleep. The Pyjamas are adorable and perfect for bedtime. The long-sleeved pyjamas help kids to be warm on colder nights. The top has images of the five paw patrol dogs. The trousers have an elastic waist as well as cuffed ankle for kids’ ultimate comfort.

The Ankle height paw patrol rain boots can be worn in any weather as it is made from a waterproof PVC and has lace closure at the top which helps to prevent water penetration. The characters are visibly displayed on the side of the boot and there is a repletion of the paw patrol badges pattern. The rain boots are perfect for outdoor activities, rainy days and messy plays.

Paw Patrol Book Set and Reader

You can extend the fun time of watching the TV cartoon to reading about the show with the cute collection of Paw Patrol books. The Paw Patrol I am ready to read is a good option to learn more about their favorite character from a story book through reading. This can trigger their imaginative creativity. The phonics box set makes phonics more fun and learning to read a lot easier.

Kids can listen to Paw Patrol stories at any time from the electronic reader. The stories feature all the favourite characters from the show. The reader reads the books aloud and kids can use their physical book set to follow along. This is a way to enhance reading culture, words/ picture recognition as well as have great fun.

Paw Patrol Art Travel Set  

Kids love art and the paw patrol travel set is a great gift. The art set includes pencils, rubber stamps of some of the cartoon’s characters, ink pad, coloring pencils and pen, books, coloring pages, and stickers to enable kids to draw and color their favorite character from the paw patrol scenes. All the equipment is stored in a carry case that can be taken anywhere at any time.

 Paw Patrol Watch

Kids love accessories and this Paw Patrol watch can be a great gift for them. The watch has features such as stopwatch, timer and alarm. Kids can also play four interactive games on the watch featuring the real voice of Ryder. Kids can learn how to recognize patterns, identify animal trails and engage in more learning activities.

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