7 Cool Ways Technology Makes Driving Safe


Everyone wants to be safe while driving. Unlike before, when you only had yourself and your car to keep you safe, you can now avoid car accidents thanks to technological advancements.

Human error is the most common cause of car accidents. Taking note of this, many vehicle manufacturers are hard at work developing features for their vehicles that will assist drivers in avoiding mistakes that could result in accidents.

How Technology Boosts Safe Driving

Many car accident lawyers, including Mahoney and Mahoney, attribute the reduction in car accidents to the new auto industry technologies that are getting more popular by the day. This latest technology and innovation is more likely to continue the trend of reduced accidents in the coming years.

Listed below are some incredible technologies that help make driving safe:

1. Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking can prevent you from hitting another car, person, or any immovable object using high-tech cameras and sensors around the vehicle. Such avoidance systems can range from warning alarms to automatic brakes, and even automated steering systems. This particular technology has saved lives by preventing accidents. 

2. Lane Departure Warning Systems

This particular new technology can prevent many car accidents, as the majority of them are caused by drowsy driving on the part of the driver. Suppose the car has already departed from its original lane and is moving in the wrong direction. In that case, the driver and passengers will be alerted by an audible alarm. The design of this system makes use of highly-sophisticated technology.

3. 360-Degree Rear-View Cameras

Isn’t it much more convenient to be able to see what’s going on all around you, particularly when trying to park or reversing? That is how the 360-Degree Rear Camera System functions. It uses sensors and makes the car sound an alarm if something or someone approaches your rear.

4. Electronic Stability Control

This technological innovation can slow down every wheel on your vehicle automatically, particularly during snowfall or rainfall. Since roads are very likely to be slippery when they are icy or wet, this system is a must-have to prevent harm during such seasons.

5. Drowsiness Alert System

These days, drivers and even passengers can be alerted to find a safe place to pull over and rest while driving. This is another advanced car technology available on the market today. A warning alarm is issued when it is more likely that sleep will be required due to the vehicle’s data being stored and calculated. This especially comes in handy when making long-distance trips.

6. Blind-Spot Warning System

This latest car tech development is a helpful driving companion as there will always be some blind spots as you drive. With detectors, blind-spot warning systems may act as your eyes in blind locations, so you won’t be startled if someone or something appears out of nowhere. To grab your attention, it will either sound an alarm or vibrate your steering wheel.

7. Anti-Rollover Protection

Out of all the ones mentioned above, this system provides the best protection against the possibility of severe car accidents. It is a car innovation that can detect the likelihood of a flip-over accident and then instantly slows down the vehicle to a complete stop. A definite must-have.

Embrace Technology

We’ve identified seven critical ways in which technology is assisting in making driving safer in this article. And, although it is impossible to make driving 100 percent safe all of the time, these new car advancements can undoubtedly save lives and avoid injuries.

Most of the features mentioned above are only found in costly and luxurious vehicles. Still, as technology advances, they are becoming more and more widespread, even to the ordinary fellow.

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