Have you ever heard about Escape room Books?  

Escape room Books are books that contain puzzles to solve and the themes of an escape room. All inside an actual book for you to solve and enjoy. It’s just like visiting Rush escape rooms but inside a book, as it’s a mini escape room inside a book laced with several clues, hints, documents, and proofs to figure out the mystery to solve them, and you get the story as you move forwards and solve each puzzle. It’s excellent and very friendly towards kids and makes them love books even more and have a lot of fun! So, we’ve got recommendations for you to try and have fun! Here are the seven escape room books for kids! 

Here are the seven excellent escape room books for kids filled with escape games: 

1. Journal 29: This is an escape room very inside the own novel itself. This is a world in itself, more like an interactive Book Game. It is a series of puzzle books with various hints, clues, and puzzles to solve. The website says… 

“A top-secret excavation did not bring any result for 28 weeks. It was on the 29th week that something unexpected happened. The team disappeared, and the only thing left behind was their Journal. You must solve the riddles to solve the mystery.” 

The theme is fascinating because it tells the story of each puzzle you solve, and you have to solve the puzzles; submit your answers online, and get the keys, to get moving forwards. There are various others in the series to solve as well. 

2. The Master Theorem: The website says… 

“I’m M, or at least that’s how 

I’m known, and I’ll be your guide. 

The Herculean test of your grit is as follows: Find the word or phrase solution to each of my puzzles, called Theorems. Doing so will earn you entry into the elite ranks of The Master Theorem. It may take you some time, but trust me—it’ll be worth it.” 

Don’t forget to check it out!  

1. Escape Room Puzzles: This is a simple book with escape room puzzles to solve and enjoy with your friends, so don’t forget to check this out! 

2. Puzzling Escapes: The Terrified Haunted House on The Mystery Lane ~ This is a book where you enter a house of mystery, the doors get shut, and you get locked up behind, and now you have to escape! All the puzzles and hints are contained in the book only. So, grab your pencil and solve it with your friends! Do check out others in the series as well.

3. The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book: This practical guide contains all the tools required for you to make your do-it-yourself escape room with your creativity at hand. It’s simple and quite fun, and in its purchase, you even get included link and password to download one complete step-by-step escape room kit. So do check this out!

4. Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Puzzle: This is another escape room book where the book becomes where you are stuck, and the pages become a pathway to solving puzzles and finding hidden clues. But the twist and the fun part is that you’re Sherlock Holmes here, and you have to escape! 

5. The Cypher Files: An Escape Room in a Book ~ This is another one designed the same but with an entirely different and enthralling/exciting plotline! The website says… 

“You are an agent of CY.P.H.E.R., the secret international agency working on ‘unsolvable’ code-based cases. Called upon to investigate cryptic clues discovered in the wake of a series of mysterious disappearances, the clock is ticking to crack the codes before it’s too late.” 

So, figure this out soon; all you need is scissors, pencils, and a great internet connection to hang on to! 

Check these out and let you know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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