6 Tips How to Spot a Fake Hublot Watch


One of the most renowned brands that produce sports watches is definitely a Hublot. The luxury Swiss watchmakers that have always been popular in producing modern sports timepieces, and even become the official timekeeper of numerous sporting events including the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Being branded with such great standing, it is no surprise why people are making fake Hublot watches today. It is difficult to distinguish the original one from the fake, especially if you’re not a watch expert or enthusiast and don’t exactly know how to open the watch’s back case to check its movement. So, to help you spot a fake watch, we have listed here the six simple tips to identify if a particular Hublot watch is real and original.

  • Ensure to take a closer look at the timepiece’s details.

Keep in mind that Hublot watches feature a very specific H-shape, and it’s using a similar screw to all of its collections, including Big Bang, Classic Fusion, and the oversized King Power. Always check the screws inside; you’ll find out it’s fake if a blue-colored screw is used as original Hublot watches never used it. Make sure to check the logo as well; take note that the original Huublot’s watches are engraved and never printed or etched.

1. Do a quality assessment before buying the watch.

When looking over the Hublot’s watch, you’ll notice some visible flaws on the watch that can immediately identify it as a fake one. A fake Hublot’s watch has misaligned printing on its dial, case, and strap, and there might be glue residue around the timepiece’s edges. Others even come with poot printed markings. If you want to purchase a pre-owned Hublot’s watch, ensure to shop from the authorized dealer or at Hublot’s official store.

  • Read carefully and check the watch’s engraved name.

The dial should be read as “Swiss Made.” Don’t also forget to check the markings of the movement of the watch. Make sure to double-check the spelling; for instance, a Hublot Geneve should be spelled correctly, engraved on the watch, and not printed.

2. Do a little research about the seller.

Before heading to the store to shop, ensure to do some little research about the seller’s location, credentials, and read reviews as much as you can. Also, you can ask a question about the website you are visiting and then cross-reference the URL carefully. Some counterfeiters are using a temporary domain to trick consumers.

  • Independently find out the market value.

If you have decided which model you want to buy, research and track the price of the same Hublot’s watch from the other sellers. And take note of the saying, “too good to be true,” as watches from other retailers whose offer is lower than others might be selling fake Hublot watches.

Whenever you shop for a vintage watch, the price will always be affected by multiple factors such as the condition, age, market availability, and overall demand from the buyers, so it is better to expect a slight range in the entire cost. However, don’t ever go to someone selling a luxury watch like Hublot at a very low price. The big chances are that they are selling the fake one. As Hublot’s watches are in demand and increase their popularity over the years, producing fakes is everywhere. It is better to bring your watch to a trusted watch expert for authentication of its value.

  • Additional Identifying Factors.

In addition to carefully checking all the small details in the timepiece’s dial and materials, ensure to listen to the watch if you have it. Can you hear every tick of the watch? Remember that luxury watches like Hublot are typically made with smooth mechanisms, which means you shouldn’t hear any watch tick. In case you’ve heard it ticking, there are chances that it’s a fake one. The fake ones are not as good as the original and real-timepieces when it comes to their movement. That is why it is better to purchase from reputable and reliable retailers so that your money will not be put to waste.


After Hublot’s debut in 19820, it became a serious target for counterfeiters, releasing fake watches under the brand’s name. In fact, after five years, the brand became available to the market, Hublot’s founder Carlo Crocco has prosecuted those counterfeiters. But before they were charged, it is not easy to identify whether the Hublot watch is authentic or fake, as these counterfeiters are adept in replicating these watches. With that being said, it is important that you only shop at reliable and reputable stores selling original and authentic Hublot watches to avoid owning a fake one. 

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