6 Tips For Women Denim Fashion Wear


A denim fashion will always give a unique and fantastic appearance when done correctly. Whether you wear it by itself or under a cardigan, it still offers a cute finishing touch on almost every outfit.

The denim fashion has versatile wear that pairs perfectly with casual or your favorite outfit. However, if you are looking for a distinctive look, there are several denim-on-denim rules you need to consider.

The double denim fashion, commonly known as the Canadian tuxedo, is a trendy street style that gives a flawless appearance. Getting your favorite jeans will go perfectly with a chambray shirt or denim jacket.

This article helps you master several denim-on-denim trend tips that will give you a cute look. Always take some time planning on your denim wear to avoid two jeans that clash.

1. Play With Colors

Before making a head-to-toe shade of black or blue, try a different look by pairing the denim shade with different colors. White jeans will always go along perfectly with a blue shade denim jacket. You can also opt for black jeans with a chambray shirt.

Are you planning for a night out? Crisp white women’s denim will work right with a darker-wash chambray shirt. You can perfect the look by wearing a boot or flat sandals for a neutral feminine finish.

2. Avoid Adding Denim Accessories

When wearing denim as part of your outfit, avoid adding more accessories into the mix. Adding a denim handbag or thigh-high denim boots will compromise your denim outfit. You can add a denim hat, a denim handbag, or denim accessories to your outfit if you are not wearing jeans.

3. Go For Distressed Details

A little distress to your denim gives a cute denim-on-denim appearance, for it adds a slight contrast to the material. Ensure you have one denim piece that is distressed because having several can be overkill.

Choose an oversized ripped denim jacket to pair with Luna and Sun mom jeans. This wear will excellently give a relaxed and classy, edgy feel.

4. Consider Getting a New Look From The Wild West

When you are out of ideas, consider looking for denim-on-denim fashion worn by the cowboys. You do not have to look like a caricature. This means avoiding accessories like cowboy boots, bolo ties, hats, and western belts.

You can break the outfit by going for a different belt that will not give off a wild west vibe.

5. Wear a Matching Shade from Head to Toe

Wearing the same shade from head to toe once in a while is a good idea to spice up your look. You do not have to look too matchy.

Let your denim on denim appear as effortless as any other. That will keep off too much attention from colleagues. You can opt for a denim jumpsuit that is perfectly acceptable and appearance simple. You can pair it with boots for a gorgeous look.

6. Elevate Your Denim Wear

Your denim doesn’t have to be casual. You can elevate your outfit by adding luxe-looking elements like heels. It is a perfect denim-on-denim look for a day or night look. You can opt for high-waisted denim shorts and an oversized denim jacket. Spice up your look with strappy back heels.

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