6 Things Everyone Must Know About Authentic Rolex Watches


Rolex is one of the top 100 most high-powered, influential brands in the world. Rolex is so well-known that it’s verging well in the luxury watch category due to many decades of success in a scale of fields, from early promptitude track to necklace of firsts. No wonder it’s being imitated in so many ways. 

Roles are a cosmos of their own: valued, cherished, admired, respected, and widely known. It’s been more than a hundred years since Rolex watches have launched, and up until today, it’s still powering through. Rolex watches are remarkably detailed, built for special reasons, incredibly durable, and a wearable investment. Here are the six things to know about Rolex.

  • Every Piece Of A Rolex Watch Is Made By Hand

In today’s era of technology, Rolex watches are being done by hand. Each little part is assembled hand by hand, not just with carrying out machines. Abound watchmakers work appropriately on every particular movement and then perform a re-test to ensure the top-level quality of accuracy and details for authentic Rolex watches.

Some human-controlled engines are waged but for support only with firsthand work. Direct work such as marshal parts with accuracy the naked eye can’t meet. And to administer pins with the right mass of force, humans cannot assess barely. Making individual watches takes a whole year to produce. 

  • Rolex Has Its Own Rolex Laboratory

With everything Rolex has done that is most successful, there’s no shock that they have their own Internal Research and Development Department. Nonetheless, Rolex is more than that. This brand has one but numerous kinds of remarkably well-equipped competent science labs at their discrete facilities.

These laboratories’ objective is to research, analyze, and create new watches and details that may go into it and explore adequate and competent manufacturing methods. Users can assume comfort and ease knowing that the Rolex watch has had its piece thoroughly examined by specialties.

  • Rolex Company Make Their Gold

Rolex doesn’t have a gold mine, but they need to get raw gold for their watches. They make their gold. They have an in-house factory will-equipped with a large furnace under hot flames used to melt and combine the metals. However, the 24 karat gold, which is rolled up, is animated in their furnace in the country of Switzerland. 

The specific liquid gem is converted to an 18 karats yellow gold, white gold, and Rolex’ popular Everose gold. This particular gold is well-known to its ceaseless feature. Everything is not 24 karat because the clarity of that gold is soft. Rolex worked for 75% solid 18 karats plus merged copper incorporated that’ll support overtime to make the metal more sturdy. 

Rolex shares the same steel with everyone else, but in 2003 they changed their whole steel production to 904L, a type of steel that no other watch company uses. This is the high-class the brand provides. Most watch industry companies do not use this kind of steel as it’s significantly expensive and more complex to put together.

  • Attention To Detail

Even though Hans Wildorf initially established the company in London in 1905, it was then decided to move Rolex to Geneva in 1919 because of financial issues. But of course, that’s not the issue anymore. Everything with a Rolex watch has been carried out with detailed attention.

From the formulation to design, constructing to examining, every detail, every line, every element, and assembly of each timepiece has been monitored and planned detailed to detailed. Rolex employers have been highly trained and skilled for every raw material to a finished product—no wonder why each piece is perfect and elite to use. 

  • Customized Rolex Watch

Not every watch can be customized, but Rolex’s luxury timepiece can be personalized according to its customers liking and preference to make it unique and very personal. Customizing a Rolex watch could scale from rotating between metal and leather straps, changing the dial for a lean or tidy transformation, and choosing various colors.

  • Secure and Safe Premises

It’s no surprise that Roles is much more secure than an intelligence agency given with their in-house manufactory, gemological department, and trailblazing science laboratories. Any employee that enters their facility and premises have to undergo a fingerprint stamp and private eye scanner.

Whenever they are in their offices or a particular workplace, an employee badge must be present all the time to be able to track their location. Rolex has a valuable and magnificent finished watch, an on-site bank vault, and armored trucks at the factory. That’s why the security is exceptional and extraordinary.


There is no surprise Rolex is the most well-known luxury brand in the world and one of the world’s most influential brands in general. The care and attention to every detail with making each timepiece is remarkable. It’s a wearable investment, as Rolex’s value will grow, making it great to pass down to family or a valuable asset that can be sold. 

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