6 ideas to make your business more eco-friendly


Are you on the road to sustainability but unsure of the right ways to transfrom your business into an eco-friendly one? We have great tips, tricks and ideas that will help you take the next steps in your journey to becoming a reputable eco-conscious brand. Keep on reading to learn more about sustainable businesses and what they are all about.

Sustainable businesses

Sustainability is a wildly viral topic in the business field. Small companies and big corporations from all industries are looking for viable ways to become more eco-friendly. Their goal is to succesfully apply new sustainable practices and procedures to stay relevantly competitive, boost their reputation and reach new markets.

But what causes that massive interest towards eco-friendliness? First and foremost, it is the large demand for eco-friendly products and sustainable packaging. Then we have genuine care for the environment, high client expectations, goverment policies compliance, as well as certain direct and indirect push from eco alliances.

6 ideas for an eco-friendly business

Use renewable energy tools

Becoming an eco-friendly business starts with making eco-conscious decisions. The first one should be reconsidering your energy sources and tools. Think about how you can upgrade your system and implement renewable energy tools, without lowering your manufacturing efficiency.

Some great sustainable solutions to supply your business’s electricity needs are small solar electric systems, microhydropower systems, wind electric systems and hybrid electric systems.

Before you make the switch to renewable energy, we would like to point out that the inital investment in this type of tools may come quite costly for small businesses. However, in the long run, going green is extremely cost-efficient, and will help you eliminate your company’s greenhouse gas emissions which will reduce air pollution and benefit the environment.

Implement green transportation

If you are looking for ways to lower your business’s eco footprint, then you need to consider green transportation for the delivery and shipping of your products. Electric vehicles have become quite popular in recent years and many businesses and logisitic companies are already reducing their carbon emissions.

Use sustainable packaging

Packaging is everywhere. Almost every item on the market needs basic protection, so it comes in some kind of box, container, protective coating or wrapping. But what happens to the packaging after a product is opened, unboxed or consumed? It usually ends up in the landfill or in bad scenarios – polluting nature and oceans.

Sustainable packaging is made of natural, non-toxic and renewable resources. Thus, its disposal does not cause long-term pollution as it breaks down fast, without inducing any distress to the environment or endangering wildlife. In addition, this type of packaging is recyclable and oftentimes, reusable.

Making the switch from plastics to environmentally-friendly and natural materials in your product packaging and shipping supplies will surely present you in the right lighting. That is because sustainable packaging reduces your company’s carbon footprint from processing and transportation and helps build an image of an eco aware brand.

With that in mind, you may want to look for packaging suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices and offer recyclable and biodegradable plastic-free packaging.

Use special bins for plastic

Recycling plastic is a great way to stop excessive waste accumulation and considerably lower land, air and water pollution levels. That’s why, if you want to be an eco-friendly business, this easy-to-do measure should be a priority. Setting up special bins for plastic would help separate the trash that could be processed and repurposed and inspire your staff to be more envrionmentally oriented.

Work with sustainable suppliers

After all these ideas on how to make your business more eco-friendly, here is a tip that will further push you down the right path. Work with sustainable suppliers that share the same values! No matter how many changes you make into your business, you will never become eco-friendly if your associated partners are dragging you the other way.

Plant more trees

Last but not least, one of the best ways to make a difference in the world and neutralize your company’s eco footprint is to plant trees. People love supporting brands that care about the environment and would be willing to buy your products if they know part of the money they pay goes towards making the world a greener place. Planting trees is a great bonding experience, does wonders for morale and boost a brands reputation.

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