6 Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas


Snacking has been an American pastime for years, and it looks like many future years to come. The problem with many snacks that taste good is that they are terrible for you and provide you with no nutritional value. All the snacks are empty calories that don’t fill you up, so you go right back to eating them. If you’ve chosen the vegan way for your health, but want some treats, there are many vegan snacks to choose from these days.

To maintain and stay full, and not worry about remaining healthy, instead of grabbing those chips, grab an apple. Instead of going for the Oreos, get a big glass of water. Not only will you be eating healthier, but you will also be more full.

Apples and Peanut Butter 

The fruit is the best way to receive your daily sugars, and what better thing to do than mix it with protein! Apples and peanut butter are excellent to keep you moving and on your feet for the rest of the day.

Kale Chips

Instead of the greasy deep-fried potato chips, try baked kale chips, it might be a big jump for people to give up all snacking foods completely, but with Kale chips, you can ease into healthier habits. You can start with just regular baked chips, which are better for you, and you can progressively move to Kale chips. 

Cream Cheese and Celery

Celery and cream cheese is usually a pretty famous dish known as ants on a log if you were to put raisins on the celery with the cream cheese. It is loosely based on another favorite word known as pigs in a blanket, cream cheese wrapped in salami. Instead of the unhealthier alternative, you could easily throw some cream cheese in with some celery and have a blast. 

Dark Chocolate and Almonds 

Regular milk chocolate is one of those unhealthy snacks with no nutritional value, but dark chocolate is not as bad for you as some others might think. Plus, it gives some extra boost of flavor to the almonds

Fruit and Vegetables 

It does sound cliche, but eating fruits and vegetables is genuinely really good for you; they are filling, and they have the nutritional value through the roof. If you want to eat healthy snacks always, fruits and veggies are the way to go. 


Most people who snack on foods that are not exactly the best for their body are often dehydrated. If you ever feel starving, but you just ate, instead of snacking on food that won’t fill you, drink a big glass of water, you might no longer be hungry… or thirsty. 

One of the most popular times to snack is when you are stressed about moving. Stress eating is a terrible habit to develop; instead of finding meaningful relationships with people to help you get through tough times, you confide in food. Hypothetically speaking, if you were moving and browsing the web looking for Oklahoma City houses for sale, it becomes too overwhelming for you to handle. 

Instead of going to that bag of chips to make yourself feel better, talk to someone about the stress you feel and eat an apple. Making sure you are the healthiest person you can be is the whole goal of eating better food, so that goes for mental health, as well.

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