6 Crucial Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Headstone


When planning to buy a headstone for your loved one grave, there are essential things that you need to know. Since it’s a sad moment, you might not know what you what and what monument provider to approach. That’s why it’s essential to ask vital questions about the purchasing and installation of the monument. This helps to avoid being denied installation by the cemetery management. This article will outline the critical questions you should ask before purchasing a headstone.

1. Does headstone come with a warrant?

When planning to buy a headstone, this is a crucial question. A suitable monument seller will always guarantee a warranty to the headstone to assure their work is perfect. You can start by checking the company reviews and see the services they offer. You will be able to connect with other customers and know if they give their customers a warranty and if the services are good. A good review assures that they produce suitable headstones with durable materials.

2. Can I pre-order a headstone?

During the grieving process, you have a lot to deal with. Time is also a limiting factor as you might use it for comforting and putting things together. This is why it’s essential to know if you can pre-order a headstone. Pre-ordering has made it easier for people to get the headstone they desire as you get enough time to assess it.

3. Is there a time limitation for purchasing a headstone?

Different cemeteries have different regulations that govern how people should proceed with the burial and the grave. This is why it’s essential to ask the cemetery if they have a time limitation for the headstone installation. Most cemeteries, however, don’t have any limit for placement of the headstone; however, they might suggest that you wait for around 4-8 months to ensure that the ground has settled.

4. How much do I pay?

The headstone prices vary depending on the material used and the design. Also, it will depend on the customization you want. It’s vital to research the headstone dealers and compare their prices thoroughly. This will ensure you get the best price for the design you want. It’s also vital to ask the dealer if the price they charge is all-inclusive or if there are more charges you need to incur.

5. Can I Add a Monument to an Existing One?

There are a lot of reasons that can necessitate the need to install another headstone to an already existing one. Such occurrences include two people dying at different times but having to share a monument. You might also wish to add a design to the monument later. If the company that made the first monument is out of business, you need to consider looking for another company with the same font styles like the original one. Knowing if they can add a monument is vital to ensure you don’t get difficulties when planning on doing so.

6. What documents do I need?

When purchasing a monument, it’s vital always to be ready to avoid delays. Organize your paperwork well to ensure the process is smooth and without interruption. You should seek documents such as a marker authorization form, settings form, concrete border release form, and a photo release form.


The above questions are crucial in ensuring the process goes smoothly. Never assume anything if you don’t know what frustrations and delays with the process of buying a headstone.

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