6 Biggest Fitness Trends in Australia to a Healthier 2022


The last year may have put a damper on your fitness goals. Gyms were closed, and health took a backseat. But you can rev things up this year.

The quarantines and challenges in the fitness industry have paved the way for significant evolutions in offering a fitness gym in Sydney.

According to the Australian Institute of Fitness, fitness professionals and consumers have embraced cutting-edge fitness technologies and training models and reevaluated the importance of fitness in health and everyday lives.

Experts acknowledge that the tide is changing. As people make headway into the new year, the idea of fitness as a way of escape is becoming more and more widespread, giving a glimpse into the future of fitness in the land down under.

How many Australians are physically active?

According to data from AusPlay, an estimated 13 million (62.9%) Australians, including Sydneysiders aged 15 and above, participate in a sport or physical activity at least three times a week. Nearly 60% of Aussie children are active in organised activities at least once a week.

High-intensity interval training

No wonder high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been a top fitness gym in Sydney trends over the past few years. This fashion will likely continue in the year 2022. HIIT training will continue to rise in mainstream popularity driven by increasing service offerings and the flexibility of this type of training. According to AIF fitness experts, HIIT training is quick and effective for weight loss and building lean muscle, which most fitness enthusiasts aim for. Moreover, HIIT training can be done with or without equipment, in the gym or at home.

Functional fitness training

Like HIIT, functional fitness is projected to maintain its popularity this year. The emphasis on bodyweight exercises has proven to be a massive hit with Aussie fitness fans, including Sydneysiders. Because fitness buffs have less gym equipment for strength training, full-body workouts will play a central role.

Personal training

Whether live or virtual, personal training will continue to be a draw for the fitness industry. Personal training is a core fitness offering. The role of personal trainers will become all the more important this year due to their ability to adapt and introduce innovative training protocols based on evolving conditions.

Group training

Group training is an easy way to transition back into fitness after a long break. Group training provides value for money and easy access to a coach or trainer. Once restrictions are entirely lifted, new members will likely sign up and look for a new venue to reach health goals.

Mind and body training

Mental and physical health is expected to merge as more Aussies become more aware of the benefits of holistic training.

Fitness trends including yoga, pilates, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and a wide array of mental health training have increased during the pandemic. More people are opting for exercise that involves mind relaxation and physical fitness. This comprehensive training approach will continue to be popular this year as fitness consumers value physical and psychological health.

Exercise is medicine

The scientific principle of exercise as medicine will continue in 2022. Because of the past year’s lockdowns, most Aussies have discovered the value of getting active physically and mentally.

Australians, including Sydneysiders, spend more time in their homes and isolation. People are interacting less, exacerbated by record stress levels and hardships across the board. These tough times have impacted the mental and physical health of many Australians. Poor fitness and physical health increase risks correlated with mental illness and chronic disease.

There needs to be a significant collective undertaking on the road to recovery. For this reason, there is an increasing emphasis on proactive collaboration between medical and healthcare providers and fitness professionals.

What is the Sport 2030?

Sports 2030 is the Australian government’s national sports plan. Australia’s long-term goal is to become the most active and healthiest nation. This sports plan has accomplished a lot in transforming the lives of Aussies, including Sydneysiders. But there is more to achieve this plan’s vision.

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