6 Advantages Of Converting PDF to PDF/A Using PDFBear


PDF/A is one of the most widely used formats for storing long-term copies of digital textual documents, such as Microsoft Word and PDF files. Once you convert your file into PDF/A, the newly converted documents retain the original document’s content and quality.

So, if you are looking for the best format that can preserve your files’ appearance, PDF/A is the top-notch option. This article will share the best PDF to PDF/A online converter tool accessible today and the six upsides of converting your files into PDF/A. To know more, scroll down the information below.

How To Convert Files To PDF/A Using Online Tools

Many online tools are accessible to help you convert PDF to PDFA, and one of the best-known tools is the PDFBear. It can help you convert as well the other digital files such as email, digital images, and spreadsheets to PDF/A. With its services, you can quickly complete all of your tasks in just a few clicks. To know more about how to convert PDF to PDF/A, here are the four quick and straightforward steps to guide you.

  • The first thing you need to do is selecting or dragging the PDF file you wish to convert to PDF/A.
  • Once you’re done uploading the file, the software will start scanning your document.
  • Just stand by, and wait for a minute or two until the conversion process is complete.
  • Finally, the converted PDF/A will now be ready for download.

Advantages Of Converting Your PDF File to PDF/A

PDF/A has numerous advantages as a file format for storing files for a long-time.

On the off chance that you are considering other digital file formats as an option for keeping your documents, why not checking and comparing first the upsides of PDF/A before deciding. The six upsides of PDF/A are listed below for you to know more.

1.  Compatible To Any Platform

The PDF format is easily accessible to any computing platform, and the PDF/A has the same advantage. This means a PDF/a created in a Windows environment will be entirely transparent and usable in a Mac environment or the other way around. That is why opting to convert your PDF files to PDF/A would be the best choice, especially if your goal is to keep the documents for future use or reference.

2.  Most-widely Use

The PDF and PDF/A formats are both used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Having this so much value only means that everyone will use these file formats for more years to come. Likewise, since PDF/An is a subset of PDF, any software or platform accessible to read a PDF can also read a PDF/A. Online tools like PDFBear offer access to read PDF, allowing everyone to also access and read a PDF/A with no money to spend.

3.  Supporting Metadata

It would often be best if you had good metadata to understand a digital file fully. This metadata can incorporate numerous pieces of important information, for example, the name of the author and the date of a document. The metadata is frequently kept within the file when it comes to digital files. That is why it is critical to have the option to save this metadata (and even add to it) while converting one computerized document over to another. PDF/An is explicitly designed to help rich metadata.

4.  Supporting Wonderful Change

The conversion program’s objective is to create another file as similar to the original as possible. The PDF/A is made to do much in this area: it saves the look and accessibility of the first document, and it requires that the original styles, tones, fonts, and layout be stored and preserved in the PDF/A format.

5.  Supports Authenticity of the File

In the digital world today, it is crucial to ensure that records and documents retain their authenticity, that they are not altered or changed after their creation. They don’t come to hold information in relation to what they initially had. There are no file formats alone that can guarantee the document’s authenticity. However, PDF/A supports the original file’s authenticity by becoming difficult to edit or modify (though it’s still possible) and by giving archive security (digital signatures).

6.  Extensible

All that is extensible implies that the accessibility and readability of the file will be available for many years after it is first created. The PDF/A standard is made to ensure the earliest PDF/A will consistently be readable in the most current PDF reader. This is guaranteed that each new version of PDF/A is a subset of the one that comes after it. Meaning, the PDF/A-3 standard consistently underpins all the characteristics of the first PDF/A-1—alongside a couple of additional features.

In a Nutshell

Converting PDF toPDF/A is the best way to keep your files intact and maintain their quality even how many years will pass. The PDF/A format ensures that you can store your document precisely similar to its original records for a long-time. It’s not challenging to find converter tools to help you with the task since there are many options accessible today. One is the PDFBear, as mentioned above, and it assures that you can have the high-quality PDF/A after the conversion process.

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